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Be yourself, now here's a list of stuff not to do: Alleged WWE Announcer rules leak

An old document, purporting to be a set of rules and guidelines for WWE announcers, was posted to Squared Circle, the subreddit for professional wrestling, earlier this week. The thread is gone, but numerous enterprising souls grabbed copies, a version of which you can read below.

It's surprising how little new information they contain for those of us who talk and joke about WWE online. These appear to be the documents Dave Meltzer wrote about in The Wrestling Observer (subscription required and recommended) back in October of 2013 where Vince instructed his team to never refer to WrestleMania as "the grandaddy of them all" because it sounded old.

Some direction contradicts past rumors and even itself - the edict to not refer to workers as "wrestlers" or "performers", instructions to avoid the term "sports entertainment", and the like. Notes about "not being crude" when talking about women and avoiding "busted open" in favor of "got his teeth knocked down his throat" will likely become running jokes of their own moving forward.

Here are the alleged WWE documents:

wwe announcing notes 1

wwe announcing notes 2

wwe announcing rules 3

wwe announcing rules 4

wwe announcing rules 5

wwe announcing rules 6

wwe announcing rules 7

wwe announcing rules 8

What do you think, Cagesiders? Seem real? Anything jump out at you that translates into things you like or dislike about commentary on Raw and SmackDown?

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