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Natalya on why Triple H thinks NXT women's division works better than WWE's

Women are booked a million times better in NXT than they are in WWE. There is no disputing that at this point. But why exactly is that the case? In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, Natalya spoke of a conversation she had with Triple H on that very subject.

Her words:

"It was has been so interesting to watch this NXT division evolve because when you are in WWE we are all in the same tree. I feel like people on the main roster are not the only divas. The NXT divas are divas, too. I feel like we are all under this same umbrella. We are part of the WWE umbrella, so to be able to work with the girls of NXT on their show, it was awesome. Triple H and I actually had an in-depth conversation about this. Triple H believes that it's the stories. The women are being allowed to tell stories. They are getting build and time to tell the story. It's the story more than the wrestling."

In WWE, we see a series of three minute matches and a two minute promo in three weeks on Raw leading to an eight minute match in the cool down slot on a pay-per-view. Meanwhile, the women in NXT have actually headlined shows and are consistently given time to work what have become some of the best matches under the entire WWE umbrella.

If pro wrestling is storytelling and one side actually gets the chance to tell one while the other is short changed, it won't ever be a contest. It's worth wondering, then, if the talent is actually evenly dispersed and we just never get the chance to see that play out.

Hopefully someday soon we'll find out.

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