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Roddy Piper gone from Podcast One and he blames Steve Austin

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You may have noticed that WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper is no longer hosting his "Piper's Pit" podcast on Instead, he's taken to distributing it himself on SoundCloud, among other places. In his latest episode, entitled "Stone Cold," he explains why that is.

As he tells it, Piper released a podcast featuring Will Sasso impersonating Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was his stab at satire, with questions related to heat with Vince McMahon and why Austin quit WWE multiple times. Podcast One published the show but took it down roughly six hours after posting it, apparently because Austin was none too pleased with it.

If we're to believe Piper, they threatened to fire him and he decided to leave because of it.

That led to the release of this latest show, with the full audio of the interview Podcast One took down. Listen to it here:

Piper and his co-host riff on the idea that they were simply joking around and the problem is that Austin simply doesn't have a sense of humor. They were poking fun, sure, but it was supposed to be lighthearted and, as Piper says it, "in love."

Your thoughts?

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