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The Bella twins 'begged' Vince McMahon to call up NXT Divas after WrestleMania 31

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you're one of many fans who have been wanting WWE to call up women from NXT to the main roster, it should please you to know that some of the Divas have rallied for the same. Actually, some of them have "begged" Vince McMahon for it, if we're to believe Brie Bella, who told Female First as much in a recent interview:

"My sister and I were begging [Vince McMahon] for more Divas to come up to the main roster from NXT after WrestleMania, but they have to wrap up their stories there which can sometimes be why it doesn't happen immediately and as fast as we'd like."

Asked who she'd like to make the move, she responds: "Ugh, all of them?! (laughs) Definitely Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley, Becky..."

The Divas division has been stagnant for months now, what with Nikki Bella slowly but surely working her way towards breaking AJ Lee's record for consecutive days as champion while defeating the same opponents over and over. This after the company completely dropped a storyline between Nikki and Brie without explanation.

No wonder they want the NXT ladies to come up.

It may actually be more interesting to wonder how well the Bella twins would do down in NXT.

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