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Cesaro: I'm living proof WWE fans want to see wrestling

There have been rumors making the rounds that Cesaro has once again caught the eye of WWE executives and is in favor enough that he's going to get a big push. While it may not be indicative of as much, has an interview posted today putting him over as a guy who has grabbed Vince McMahon's elusive brass ring.

It's a must read (seriously, go get it here) but here's the money quote:

"I'm the living proof that the WWE Universe wants to see wrestling. They want to see in-ring action. Do I think I can stand in the ring with each and every [main-eventer]? Yeah. Do I think I can beat 'em? Yeah. And that's the allure of my style. I can beat anybody on any given day, and I don't compromise. Do they have catchphrases and T-shirts and everything? Yes. But my calling card is what I do in the ring, and that's something I'm very proud of. I produce the most exciting matches with pretty much any person on the roster. Pick any guy on the roster and I can tell you a match I had with them that people can still remember."

He's not wrong.

He's so very, very right.

WWE puts such an emphasis on the "entertainment" aspect of what it offers that fans -- like you fine folks here at Cageside -- who prefer the straight up wrestling need a hero.

Who better than Cesaro?

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