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Brie Bella: Daniel Bryan will get back in a WWE ring

Erika Goldring/Getty Images

While WWE has done its best to keep quiet on the exact nature of Daniel Bryan's injury, reports have started making the rounds that he's dealing with issues related to concussions. Those same reports indicate that his pro wrestling career is in jeopardy because of said issues.

For his part, Bryan has promised to return one day. Now, his wife, Brie Bella, tells Newsbeat that she thinks he'll make his return someday:

"I think a lot of people wrestling for 16 years like him would have given up. But not him. He has such a fight in him so I feel you will see him back in that ring. I know my husband's dreams. Granted, he's done so much in the wrestling business - and it's not over forever - but it's not supposed to end this way. ... He needs a lot of prayers. We talk about this daily and he will get back in that ring. That is his goal and I believe in him. I really do."

Current rumors suggest Vince McMahon isn't even bothering with including Bryan in any plans for the huge WrestleMania 32 event next year in Arlington, Texas. Those same rumors were around late last year when it seemed Bryan wouldn't be back in the time for WrestleMania 31 and he won the Intercontinental championship at that show.

Stay tuned.

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