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Kevin Owens explains why he calls out Michael Cole on his commentary

You've no doubt noticed that Kevin Owens will routinely interrupt his own matches to yell at Michael Cole on commentary during Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. If you've ever wondered why he does this, he tells the man himself in this week's sit-down WWE interview:

"Are you referring to when I yell at you during my matches? Is that why you brought me out here, to ask me the...? Why? Well, I guess... I mean, I've watched Raw for years and I've actually been on commentary with you before on Raw, so I've heard your commentary and I guess I'm just trying to keep you in line and make sure you're paying attention to the match and not plugging Total Divas or something. And also, your commentary is very biased. I don't know if you've ever realized that. You look confused, let me give you an example: So on Monday, John Cena broke his nose. You remember? I know you remember because when he did you screamed at the top of your lungs how tough John Cena was about 15 times because he finished that match. But did you know that in my first night in NXT I broke my nose? I mean my opponent broke my nose. He palm struck me so hard in fact that he cut his own hand open on the bone in my nose. You were there. And yet I don't remember you ever coming up to me and saying how tough I was or how great it was of me to finish that match. But for John Cena you'll scream it at the top of your lungs so that the whole world knows it. So that's why I do that. I just try to keep you in line is all."

Never change, Kevin Owens.

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