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WWE SmackDown spoilers (July 30, 2015): Swiss Superman

WWE SmackDown returns to SyFy this coming Thursday night (July 30, 2015) from Tulsa, Oklahoma but the show was taped, as usual, on Tuesday. That means full spoilers are readily available if you're the impatient type who doesn't want to wait a couple days for the payoff.

Unwrap that present early:

- Seth Rollins opened the show with a promo and he got heat on himself using John Cena's broken nose. Cena didn't interrupt this, however; Cesaro did. You know what comes next.

- Cesaro def. Rollins via disqualification when Kevin Owens, who came out for commentary, interfered in the match. After, Seth teased a fight with Owens but they ended up teaming up to beat down Cesaro.

- Los Matadores & Lucha Dragons def. New Day & The Ascension with The Prime Time Players on commentary.

- They did a segment with Owens being told he would team with Rollins against Cesaro and a mystery partner in the main event.

- Rusev def. Jack Swagger with The Accolade in yet another attempt from the Real American to down his greatest rival. He'll get over that hump one day!

- Stardust def. R-Truth and cut a promo on Neville after. This led to Neville running out but Stardust took off.

- Cesaro & Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins in the main event in a great match, with Cesaro scoring the pin for his team.

If you're wondering why there isn't anything in here about the Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Bella match WWE advertised on Raw, that's because it didn't happen. Instead, Becky defeated Brie Bella in a match taped for Main Event.

That's the show. You tuning in?

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