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Video: Dean Ambrose is a T-1000 liquid metal terminator cockroach

Following his match with Big Show on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Oklahoma City, Dean Ambrose went backstage and gave an interview to JoJo, as you can see above. Once again, he cut an amazing promo that will never make it to television.

"I seen Vince McMahon in the hallway a few minutes ago and he said 'hey, you're a cockroach!' I said 'Nah, Vince, you can stomp on a cockroach, you can poison a cockroach; I'm a T-1000 liquid metal terminator cockroach, you know what I'm saying? You can't kill me! And believe me, we all know a lot of people have tried.' I didn't get in this business to play patty cake. I didn't get in this business to wear a suit and make nice with people. I got in this business for whiskey drinking, skirt chasing, fighting to an absolute bloody end every single night until my knuckles are worn down and I can't feel them anymore; until every ounce of sweat and liquid is drained from my body; until I can barely stand up straight again. I love that. It's so much fun. Until I get to that point it's just not even worth it sometimes. Sometimes I get in the ring, like tonight with Big Show, and I have these visions where I start feeling like I'm a lot bigger and a lot stronger than I am. Sometimes it doesn't work out that well for me. Luckily, my best friend is a 250-pound Samoan. The bottom line is it SUCKS when you're crawling and scratching with every fiber of your being and your will to get back into the ring to fight a giant and you just can't get there in time. It really chaps my ass! But I'll bet my last dollar Big Show can't do it twice."

It's stuff like this that makes us wonder why he can't be a featured performer on major shows, enough so that he be allowed to showcase this remarkable talent he has. Then again, this is a completely unscripted promo and would almost surely be cut to pieces by the time the final script for an episode of Raw or SmackDown was written.

[Insert exaggerated sigh here.]

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