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Kevin Owens really wants a match with Brock Lesnar

It wasn't long ago that Kevin Owens was telling Noelle Foley that his dream opponent at WrestleMania 32 would be Brock Lesnar. The chances of that happening are planted somewhere between "slim" and "none," of course, but Owens is holding steady that he really wants a match with the beast.

As he told talkSPORT's Gorilla Position podcast:

"I think there's only one answer for me right now, and it is Brock Lesnar. I think a lot of people want to see it. ... I was there the night he made his debut on Raw for WWE. I was in the crowd, like the fifth row. I remember being blown away immediately by this guy, I was on board right away. ... I used to do the F5 when I was on the indies because of how much I admire him so I'd love to be the one to put an end to him."

An Owens vs. Lesnar match is a smart mark's dream but if recent WWE booking tells us anything, the two couldn't be further apart on the ladder. Brock is hanging around at the top with Undertaker in the main event of SummerSlam while Owens is working the lower mid-card with Cesaro.

A lot can change in a short amount of time, sure, but should we get our hopes up for this at any point?

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