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GIF: Big Show stops to tie his boots mid-match on Raw

At about 7:30 p.m. ET every Monday night, WWE takes to its social media accounts to announce matches for the upcoming episode of Raw. They do this, obviously, to hype the show, which is what they were trying to do when they revealed that Dean Ambrose would take on Big Show on last night's edition of the show from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Little did they know, that match would feature this moment (GIF via Wrestling With Text):

Yes, that's Big Show stopping mid-match to tie his boots while Ambrose prolongs his selling to give him time to do so. There are two things about this GIF that are really amazing to me.

  1. Show realizing he's taking FOREVER and stealing a glance to see what Ambrose is up to while he's trying to handle his business.
  2. The Miz carrying on at commentary like something exciting is happening in the ring when it's literally a giant dude bent over trying to tie his boots while another guy acts extra hurt to give him time.

"Match of the Year," obviously.

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