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Viva la Diva Revolution: Paige gets a new shirt

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Though WWE continues to do more telling than showing when it comes to the "Divas Revolution", there have been positive signs.

Sure, they've lumped the ladies into groups so they can still only have to write for three factions instead of actually bothering to character nine distinct characters, but we did get two women's matches on Raw last Monday night.

Maybe the best sign that Vince McMahon is serious about investing in this movement would be actually trying to move some merchandise for the Divas. Sure, Becky Lynch steampunk goggles are good, but that's probably going to be a niche market. T-shirts are where it's at.

And the leader of the creatively named "Team Paige" just got herself a new design:

It's a little "blah" for my tastes, but it's definitely not garish (as you could maybe argue her previous shirt was), and the logo on the back seems like a decent compromise for folks who don't want anything on that side of the shirt. At least this is simple design instead of something that screams "rassling!"

What do you think, Paige-turners? If you like, support the revolution at

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