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CM Punk on why AJ Lee left WWE, if he would care if she returned

It's been four months since AJ Lee left WWE. In the time since, the promotion has played nice and been nothing but complimentary while AJ has kept quiet regarding her reasoning. It's long been speculated that she left simply because she's married to CM Punk and the company doctor, Chris Amann, is currently suing him for comments made on a podcast with Colt Cabana.

Now, Punk more or less confirms as much in his recent interview with Ariel Helwani (watch it in full here):

"A relief (that she left)? No. I never minded watching her. I'm invested in her so I'm interested in what she does. But no, was it a relief when she left? No. I really think she was working somewhere, she was doing what she loved, and people were making it hard for her to work there. So it was a crappy situation and they made it so it was no longer ideal, if that makes sense. Yeah, we're trying to (wash our hands of it and really move on)."

That said, he also wouldn't mind if she ever decides she wants to go back:

"It's funny, you do these interviews and people cherry pick and they'll try to twist my words so they get the answers that they want. She can go back tomorrow, I wouldn't care. It's her decision."

If we've learned anything with WWE it's that sooner or later everyone goes back.

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