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Daniel Bryan says he WILL wrestle again while hinting he may leave WWE to do so

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You're going to see a lot of news surrounding Daniel Bryan in the pro wrestling world thanks to his embarking on a media tour to promote the release of his book (which is a great read for those who haven't had the chance to get eyes on it). And while he'll undoubtedly cover the same subject time and time again, the folks at Busted Open Radio on Sirius 92 and XM 92 got some new, rather interesting information.

Namely that Bryan has been cleared by an independent neurologist in Arizona but not by WWE and while he understands the precautions the company is taking, it sure sounds like he'll do what he needs to do to get back in the ring before calling it a career:

"I told them, regardless of them, if they won't clear me ... we're independent contractors, in theory ... and I WILL wrestle again. I am cleared by the neurologist in Phoenix that I've been going to see. It's not like he's a quack doctor. He was the neurologist for the Super Bowl ... who has no problems in clearing me with no limitations. But you also have to understand that WWE is not only looking out for my best interest, but they have to look out for their company as well, and I understand all of that too. There is nothing vindictive or anything there's just a lot of hurdles to go through at this point with getting cleared by WWE. I had a sit-down with Vince and Hunter about this and said, "Hey, this is my passion. I understand why you guys wouldn't clear me but we only get, as far as we know, one life. And you're not going to let me do my passion?

"It's actually not a neck issue, my neck is completely fine. It's more of a concussion issue. And Brie was very hesitant about this whole thing and that's why WWE is very protective over me too. Everyone is more aware of concussions and that's why, with WWE, I don't see what they're doing, as far as making me go through all these hurdles, I don't see that as a negative. They're protecting me and especially in this era of concussion awareness. Brie at first was like, ‘Hmm, I'm not sure, given your history.' But when we met with the neurologist in Phoenix and we went through all the testing and he said: ‘Ok, all of my testing is not just coming back good, it's coming back excellent.' As far as my brain right now, it's at a level above most people who have never had a concussion my age."

He's already stated that he was hoping to be back by SummerSlam but WWE wouldn't give him the go ahead so he's shifted his goal to the Royal Rumble next year. For that matter, he also made clear he has three years remaining on his current deal, so if he did want to wrestle elsewhere if WWE won't play ball, there are obstacles.

But nothing is more powerful than a made up mind, right?

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