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Eva Marie: I will be one of the greatest Divas champions of all time

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

With Eva Marie having made her re-debut as a wrestler on last night's episode of NXT, WWE is beginning a heavy push for the Total Divas star. That includes an interview at the company's website, which features the leader of Red Nation promising once again that she will become the greatest Divas champion of all time:

"Yes, I will accomplish this goal. Everyone who achieves greatness began with the dream to be great. That dream permeates into every aspect of their life and becomes a part of them. Being a great Diva doesn't just mean being great in the ring, it means having a positive impact on the lives of others and being active in the community. My dream is to be one of the greatest Divas of all time both inside and outside of the ring and I will accomplish this."

That's a lofty goal, and even by the lowest of standards she's likely years away from accomplishing it. Still, you have to love her motivation and drive to succeed at all costs, even while the majority of the fan base trashes her for even attempting to do so.

Her message to fans:

"I will always give it 100 percent. I respect the fact that they are spending their hard earned money to come and see us perform. Every time I step in the ring, my No. 1 priority is to give them an awesome performance and show. I may not be the fastest, I may not be the strongest, but I promise I will always be working my hardest. It's about to get a whole lot hotter up in this Universe so get ready."

Go Eva.

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