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The Rock and Andre the Giant among new playable characters revealed for WWE 2K16

We're still a couple of months away from the release of the newest WWE-licensed video game, 2K Studios WWE 2K16.

Set for release in North America on October 27 and internationally a few days later (October 30), things have been pretty quiet on the news front for the game since Stone Cold Steve Austin was revealed as cover boy and the first commercial rolled out.

Now Gamestop Italy provides five new names for the playable characters list. It's a cross-era, star-crossed bunch too, featuring folks like The Rock and Andre the Giant, as well as NXT's Alexa Bliss. Names of a couple of guys you may have heard of - Hulk Hogan & Triple H (that's a lot of 'H's) - were also leaked.

Here's an updated list of who we know is in:

- Alexa Bliss
- The Rock
- Triple H
- Hulk Hogan
- Andre the Giant
- Eva Marie
- Bad News Barrett
- Finn Balor
- Dean Ambrose
- Daniel Bryan
- Paige
- Steve Austin

Who are you most excited to play as? What other past, present or future stars do you want to see in WWE 2K16?

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