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Tough Enough 2015, Total Divas season 4 continue to struggle for viewers

The viewership totals for the latest episodes of Tough Enough 2015 (season six) and Total Divas (season four) are in and both WWE shows continue to struggle to gain viewers. The former was up this week while the latter was down.

Tough Enough drew 1.11 million viewers while Total Divas drew 995,000.

Here's how each show has done for each episode so far this season:

Tough Enough
Ep. 1: 1.20 million
Ep. 2: 1.05 million
Ep. 3: 1.22 million
Ep. 4: 997,000
Ep. 5: 1.11 million

Total Divas
Ep. 1: 975,000
Ep. 2: 1.03 million
Ep. 3: 995,000

Considering how much WWE has invested in both shows, those numbers are discouraging to say the least. It doesn't help that Hall of Famers like Mick Foley are swearing off Tough Enough while the WWE world heavyweight champion is burying the entire cast in interviews.

Meanwhile, this season of Total Divas is centered on getting Eva Marie over in advance of a rumored big push that will start in NXT and go on to the main roster. The current story is that almost the entire cast of the show hates her guts and hopes she fails.

So far, it's not getting over.

There's still time for both to turn it around but it's unlikely anyone's hopes are up for as much.

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