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The Lana-Rusev-Summer Rae angle is better on Twitter

Last night's episode of Monday Night Raw featured Summer Rae dressing up to become a better version of Lana while Rusev kissed her right in front of his former flame. It was super creepy (and hilarious) but you could also call it payback considering Lana had done the same with Dolph Ziggler on multiple occasions.

Later, Lana helped cost Rusev his match in the main event when she smacked Summer down and bailed off to leave Rusev all by his lonesome. This after his two partners in the six-man tag had left him.

They all took to Twitter to keep it going after the show.

Of course you would have.

Sounds hot.

True, but, you know, the same applies.



This angle has its problems but the performers are so fun.

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