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John Cena: Kevin Owens belongs here

Not long after John Cena submitted Kevin Owens in the center of the ring at last night's Battleground pay-per-view in St. Louis, Tom Philips caught up with him for an interview backstage at the Scottrade Center. His words:

"Yeah, unbelievable match. After the first two with Kevin Owens I knew I was going to be in for something special. Being here for a while, you truly become a target. I think this (US title) makes me an extra big target. We've never had a bigger flux of talent, especially with an NXT chip on their shoulder. I mean that in the best way. These guys have proven themselves down there and feel, appropriately so, as if they belong here. Proof positive, Kevin Owens belongs here, and he belongs in the most elite class of WWE superstars. He gave me a run for my money but the term 'never give up' isn't always when you're down and out. When you think you've got it in the bag and your opponent somehow acts like he's made of steel you just gotta keep going. Sometimes you've gotta bring it to a level you're not used to. Man, he... that was everything I got. That was everything I've got and I'm just glad I came out with the championship."

Owens couldn't win the US title but at least he gained Cena's respect, hey?

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