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Video: John Cena cuts a promo on LeBron James

John Cena and LeBron James both have roles in Trainwreck, which hit theaters nationwide today. That means they're making the media rounds and Cena had some fun with it by cutting a promo on James on People Now:

"Alright, Mr. James, if that is your real name. It just sounds like you're parading around with two first names, like my name is Stan Mike. I mean, really, who is LeBron James? I'll tell you who he is -- he's the guy this Sunday that's going to step in the ring with me and I'm going to dribble his face on the canvas as if it was a Spalding basketball. I'm going to rip your spine off your back and perform a double tomahawk jam to a fan in the third row eating nachos, sipping on a 72 OZ coke. And then at the very end of the night when I hold up a trophy that is a championship belt, nee a golden basketball, people will realize I'm the one who truly knows how to handle my balls."

We now eagerly await LeBron's response.

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