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Potential Battleground spoiler: Will WWE shoot a major surprise angle on Sunday?

If the Wreddit rumours are true, WWE looks set to shoot a major angle at Battleground that most fans won't see coming. Of course, I wouldn't necessarily bank on that given the anonymous nature of the source, but it seems plausible.

Well, one thing is for sure: Brock Lesnar will suplex Seth Rollins all over St. Louis on Sunday
Well, one thing is for sure: Brock Lesnar will suplex Seth Rollins all over St. Louis on Sunday

With The Undertaker's trainer tweeting a picture of him yesterday looking in amazingly good shape for a 50 year old semi-retired wrestler who wasn't expected to be seen on WWE television for at least another six months, it should be no surprise that rumours have already surfaced that he will return at the Battleground pay-per-view on Sunday night.

However, the gossip should possibly be taken with a pinch of salt as the source is the latest anonymous insider on Wreddit who posts under the pseudonym falconarrow. To be fair, he started teasing that something earth shattering might happen at Battleground eleven days ago long before The Undertaker's most recent sighting:

"Happy cakeday Wreddit!

In celebration I will offer a spoiler of sorts. Don't worry I am not actually going to say anything outright but I will say this.

No one is talking about Battleground as much as they should be. Think about that for a while."

As a make good for mistiming the NXT women's invasion angle by a week (WWE plans are always subject to change, especially when they are leaked online ahead of time, but that's also a convenient excuse for getting predictions wrong too), seven days ago he elaborated on his extremely vague Battleground spoiler by saying that all the initial speculation about what he was alluding to was dead wrong:

"I only say kind of because they are still doing the NXT Women's invasion. Apparently got pushed back, these things happen sadly.

Regardless, I have failed this city.

To pay you all back, I will go a bit deeper into the teaser I alluded to recently.

I said this on the Cakeday Megathread and so far everyone has been very much off the mark in guessing what I was alluding to.

So let me ask a question, why would I say you need to be talking about Battleground more? More specifically now, why am I saying you all need to be talking about the main event?

Have fun."

He later added that he wasn't talking about Sheamus cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the show, the most obvious and popular answer.

Perhaps feeling emboldened by the conveniently timed Taker snap, falconarrow cryptically let the cat out of the bag by first teasing a major return at Battleground, and when someone suggested that we might hear glass shattering on Sunday night, he basically denied that Stone Cold Steve Austin would appear and instead put the focus straight on the Deadman:

"I told you all that you needed to be talking about Battleground more. Did you really think that was because of a HHH swerve job?

He's back."

"No not him. The guy with the coffins."

Actually, if you think about it, this rumour makes almost perfect booking sense, so it could just as well be a lucky guess by a complete stranger with no connections whatsoever.

Firstly, it fits in perfectly with what we've been hearing that Brock Lesnar will not win the title at Battleground in a swerve finish:

"Though plans could change in the following week, Brock Lesnar is not currently scheduled to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Battleground this weekend.

For that matter, apparently there is a swerve planned for the main event of the show, though there aren't any details on it just yet."

Arguably, the only finish that completely protects Lesnar's aura as a legitimate asskicker, whilst also putting heat on Seth Rollins for squirming away with WWE's top prize yet again, is if someone like The Undertaker costs him the title with their knockout finisher. They could even get away with a disqualification win for Lesnar or no-contest ending, as most fans would accept an inconclusive finish with such a surprise return.

Secondly, The Undertaker attempting to avenge the end of his WrestleMania streak whilst putting his career on the line or billing it as his retirement bout is the only money match on the table for Brock Lesnar that could help fill an arena of the size of AT&T Stadium.

Despite Paul Heyman presumably going into business for his client by challenging Stone Cold Steve Austin to fight Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 on a live Stone Cold podcast on the WWE Network and Austin responding by going into promo mode by hinting that he'd happily kick his ass in front of 105,000 people in a Texas Death bout on the show, it's now seems clear that we won't be seeing that dream match. Vince McMahon was reportedly upset at them for shooting an angle on his network for a match at WrestleMania 32 that wasn't in his masterplan for the event, and told Austin to kill the story on his next online podcast. Last week, Austin confirmed to the Associated Press that he's already wrestled his last match. Although less is known about Austin's neck issues, it is believed that he has similar problems to Edge, who was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in April 2011 and was told at the time by Dr. Joseph Maroon, WWE's medical director, that he would never be cleared to wrestle for the company ever again due to the risk of neck-down paralysis or even death from continuing to perform with the condition.

Meanwhile, it's also out of the question that Lesnar would face The Rock at WM 32, as the king of the Hollywood box office is already pencilled in to work with Vince's son-in-law Triple H on the show, either in a singles match or in a mixed tag with Ronda Rousey and Stephanie McMahon as the respective partners.

Knowing how Vince McMahon's mind works, the other options for Lesnar's opponent on what he wants to be the biggest wrestling show ever won't cut the mustard. He's already gone to the John Cena well too many times. Roman Reigns is still struggling as a babyface and there doesn't seem to be much appetite for a rematch, even though there's a natural story to tell given that Seth Rollins' cash-in prevented the better man from being determined and it was an astonishingly thrilling match. Anybody else, forget about it!

Finally, if indeed Vince has already made his mind up on booking Lesnar vs. Taker for Dallas next year, then he'd likely want to shoot the first angle as soon as possible, so the build for that match can be truly maximised. If you want to promote the biggest show ever, then you can't start the hype in January like WWE usually does!

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