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For WWE and the NXT superwomen, the real challenge is just beginning

Last night was a feel good moment, regardless of whether you approved of how the NXT women arrived onto the main roster. Three women who fully deserved the biggest stage stood on it and were welcomed with open arms. But, history, and current problems still exist. Until there's proof, it's best to tread lightly.

Whether or not you personally approved of the manner in which WWE chose to introduce three of the four expected call-ups from Monday’s RAW, it’s undeniable that the moment made waves throughout the wrestling world.

First, the easy stuff: These three women deserve their opportunity on the main stage and have for quite some time. They’ve worked their butts off and they’ve brought a passion and intensity to training and execution that has driven the NXT Women’s Division as a whole to be one of the most interesting, compelling, and well-constructed groups in the business…period. Applause to Sara Amato as well.

The following point cannot be overstated: Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, and Bayley have transcended being great women’s wrestlers to a level where they could main event in front of the Full Sail crowd and rip the house down.

They are attractions in every possible sense. Those in the know would travel to watch THEM, which is an astonishing compliment in a business that always goes sex object first, second, third, fourth, and fifth, and wrestler sixth. When they make their way down a ramp, the first thought isn’t "bra and panties match," it’s "Damn these girls are about to tear this place up." No question they’re gorgeous, giving me the opportunity to be just as shallow as I’m sure a female fan can be when they let their guard down. By that I mean, we all can be pigs from time to time, but it takes zero effort to just watch these stars do what they do.

They are NXT Superstars, can be WWE Superstars, and are not just "Divas" in the derogatory sense of that term.

Immediately, their mere entry onto the main roster greatly improved the quality of in-ring work and potential star power of the Divas Division IN the ring, rather than in tertiary popularity due to reality TV and low rent angles.

But, that’s the problem, because for all the questioning of whether Stephanie McMahon took credit for a situation she had nothing to do with or whether the placement of the newcomers worked or not, that’s not the real issue.

The question and the concern is what happens now and in what fashion WWE creative chooses to treat the women next week, next month, and next year. I read comments all day from people wanting Sasha vs. Becky II at WrestleMania or perhaps Charlotte vs. Sasha or all these various dream matches. There’s something everyone needs to face up and grasp before any of these discussions actually mean anything.

In what universe do you expect Nikki (or Brie) Bella to step aside? Creative loves them. Their personal relationships put them in the right place with the right person at the right time. Girls do see Nikki as a hero. Go to a WWE show and look. Bella merch moves like crazy.

That’s not to say "Lass Kicker" and "Boss" and "Do It With Flair" duds wouldn’t move, but it’s an uphill climb, because the Bellas aren’t going anywhere. I’d buy any of the three right now, today, if I knew it would enhance their chances. Hell, I own Sasha sunglasses from Full Sail for that very reason. At the time, Becky didn't have goggles, but I'd have them also, just to support potentially my favorite female performer ever, provided her career goes the way I think it can.

I adore these three (and soon to be four) ladies. But the Bellas are still here. This angle surrounds them first.

Recall the NEXUS. Who quickly became the real star of that angle? Wade Barrett had a short push, but it was John Cena.

Last night it was Stephanie first, Nikki second, and the rookies third. It doesn’t matter how it ended. It matters how that segment was framed. The announcers did do a nice job in making it seem important, because it should have been, and hopefully was, but we won't be able to adequately gauge or evaluate that conclusion for quite some time.

Back to the twins specifically, nothing that either sister has done throughout her career would indicate that a Bella wouldn’t be involved in a title match at Mania. But, for this to work, they have to put their shoulders on the mat, stare at the lights, and put the newcomers over. I’m not entirely sure that’s what’s coming, because there has been precisely zero evidence of that mindset with WWE women this century.

The fog around these three woman mini-factions is as thick as pea soup. Nikki cannot lose the Championship if she isn’t defending it. Also, she doesn’t have to get pinned in that case. As soon as Alicia Fox joined up, it was obvious she became Team Bella so she could be the job girl. Last night’s brawl was scary, because Nikki seemed completely clueless (or unwilling) as to how to feed and sell for Charlotte’s chops, the dropkick stunk, and then there’s Brie, who I’m beginning to see as dangerously useless.

When a WWE superstar can’t believably speak about her own husband’s legitimate injury, when her fake-tears become infamous memes, and when her punches come across weaker than an infant’s, you have a problem. I cannot imagine Daniel Bryan can watch his wife perform and not cringe. I can’t imagine Brie could watch her own performances and not hang her head in shame.

If you go back and watch the segment last night, when it broke down, just follow Brie Bella. Her punches were an abject embarrassment. It sounds harsh, but they were freaking terrible. I’m reasonably sure Tough Enough’s Sara Lee would show more fire with her offense. This was that old "Head & Shoulders" moment for the girls. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Brie did nothing to help those ladies - at all - other than what she was forced to do in the submission spot.

So tell me, based on what you’ve seen in the past year, how excited are you for Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella? How many stars are you planning to award Charlotte vs. Tamina Snuka?

The latter has no business being in a wrestling ring after watching shitshow after shitshow from her for the past year. If you refuse or are unable to bump for your dance partner, get the eff out of the wrestling business.

Her performance at Beast in the East was the last straw for me. Send her to Florida, train her again, see if she’s willing to learn rather than exist based on her last name, and find out if she actually has something to offer. As a pure heater, okay, fine. But she’s in matches and she was involved last night and looked completely out of place. She also, yet again, didn’t bump, instead spinning and rolling like a clown, but not in believable "big woman" style.

I didn’t particularly care for the "and here’s Becky Lynch," "and here’s Charlotte," "and here’s Sasha Banks," because it rang hollow. It felt like The Price is Right.

Plus, it was Paige who was getting screwed week after week for months. Past that opinion, these three women are good enough to make sure those who don’t, do "get it" with them sooner rather than later.

However, much of the existing crop of ladies can’t be a part of this except as pure jobbers in squash matches or we’re going to have problems. Summer Rae is a good character, but she’s an atrocious wrestler. Rosa Mendes, I don’t even want to start. The list goes on and on. Natalya is the one that was notable for her absence, because she should be involved. Emma will likely be involved down the line, as she should be, but will the Division she walks back into be cooking with gas or completely out of charcoal.

We want to see these women against each other, because that’s when they’ve left us spellbound. How likely is it that we see it in the next twelve months consistently and on a big stage? I’d say it’s highly UNLIKELY, but boy would I be glad to be wrong.

This angle, these women’s futures, are in the hands of writers who have proven very little to me and existing women that have proven even less. Nikki has greatly improved and her sister has regressed, but those two, and some others (including Stephanie respective to the women now that night one is over), have to allow for an "evolution" of thought before there can be a "revolution" of action.

They simply have to back off for a while, step aside, and let the star shine elsewhere to build up everybody else. It would greatly benefit them in the end, because whether Total Divas wants to believe it or not, the girls are still the bathroom break. B-T-Dubs, it’s okay Nikki, so is Kane.

And, we realize the star can’t shine on everybody equally. Let’s not forget, Vince McMahon believes the future of the women’s division in WWE is Lana, who he sees as the next Rena Mero. It’s just another kink in a complex cog. Last night was fun and we all enjoyed seeing these girls we’ve seen explode into monsters get their due, but more NXT call-ups have failed than succeeded.

I don’t know if I’d bet a dime on any of the necessary realities required to make this work to its potential in the short term. I would, however, bet my entire nest egg on these NXT superwomen.

Although I wasn’t thrilled HOW they were brought in, I’m ecstatic THAT Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha have achieved that dream. All three are amazing talents. The backstage video and all the photos are impossible to look away from and even more effective in showing how badly they each want it. They earned it. It’s overdue. We’re all excited. They’re here. Now WWE has to hit RESET, and treat these women, and those they’ve been misusing for years, like equals, like stars, like worthy members of the roster.

One final quick point: If the company can’t find a way to make it work with these three and then four when Bayley arrives, I’ve lost all hope in WWE’s judgement and I simply won’t trust them the next time megastar females seem ready to change everything. Do it right, don’t ruin it, and let me sing the praises of the ladies from the rooftops. Someday, I have a dream…actually, I have four dreams. Here they are:

"Ladies and gentlemen your winner, and NEW WWE WOMEN’S Champion (capitalized for a reason), SASHA BANKS!"

"The winner of this contest, and NEW WWE WOMEN’S Champion, CHARLOTTE!"

"Ladies and gentlemen your winner, in 18 minutes and 35 seconds, and NEW WWE WOMEN’S Champion, BECKY LYNCH!" (This is my biggest dream. I’ll admit it. She’s my favorite…perhaps ever. I never thought Molly Holly would be supplanted.)

"Wrestling fans your winner, and for the first time may we introduce your NEW WWE WOMEN’S Champion, BAYYYYYYLEEEEYYYYYYY!"

Each dream is crushed if those wins are rendered irrelevant by horse dung booking and "she looks good in hot pants" concepts. The pieces are finally right there for WWE on the chessboard. Win the game…preferably with the Spassky Bishop block.

Oh, and a Becky Lynch armbar, a Figure 8, or the Bank Statement.

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