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Stephen Amell cuts an in-character promo, discusses WWE plans at ComicCon

Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Arrow...excuse me...Green Arrow Stephen Amell was busy this weekend at the San Diego ComicCon. There's a new season of his CW show coming out in the rapidly expanding DC Comics' television universe, and his character, Oliver Queen, had a costume upgrade to show off.

But he still made time to promote something that's not even official yet - his dream of doing business with WWE. Though he didn't interact with any of the company's official activities, he continued to talk up the possibility just about every chance he got, including answering a fan question (which you can see in this IGN YouTube clip) about his rumored Stardust/SummerSlam angle:

I'm not not gonna wrestle Stardust at Summer Slam. I know that double negatives in the English language are a no-no.

I'm probably gonna do some stuff with the WWE. I don't know if that means a wrestling match. We'll see.

Then, at a panel showcasing his new costume for Arrow, Amell opened the session with what he described as his "first opportunity to cut a WWE style program".

How do you think he did?

The Canadian actor did get props from a self-proclaimed Hollywood A-lister, who couldn't resist getting a pun in about Amell's alter-ego:

With Amell holding up this angle on his own a la Bray Wyatt vs. Undertaker, it's hard to gauge exactly how much attention we should be paying to it...even before we get into the silliness of the proposed storyline.

But I have to say, for this comic book nerd and wrestling mark, the dude's commitment and obvious love of pro graps is selling me on it. As we've seen with celebrities in the past, the level of respect the guest player has for the business makes or breaks the segment or program - and Stephen Amell definitely wants this to happen.

You joining Team Arrow, or will you fail this city angle?

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