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Mick Foley hopes WWE calls up NXT stars Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley at the same time

Rumors have been making the rounds for a while now that Charlotte and Sasha Banks are on the cusp of being called up from NXT to the main roster in WWE, possibly for a match alongside Paige against the Bella twins and Alicia Fox at SummerSlam next month in Brooklyn.

It sounds appealing, sure, but what are the chances they would simply get lost in the shuffle of the Divas division, left to work three minute matches without any real story or opportunity to work high level matches at a major events?

Mick Foley is mindful of this and, during a recent talk with Chael Sonnen on the "You're Welcome" podcast, talked about as much. His idea? Call up Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley -- a collective who have started referring to themselves as the Four Horsewomen, albeit not on television -- at the same time:

"If WWE does the right thing with the women in NXT, they could completely change the way that women's wrestling is looked at, and really, I think, contribute to the way women's sports are looked at as well. ... I think the four women -- Sasha Banks, Ric Flair's daughter Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Bayley -- in NXT could come. I'm afraid if they come over one at a time they'll get absorbed into the system instead of changing it. I think if they come over as four and they do the right thing... I can't stress how important this is to me. If I was a politician this would be my one issue I would talk constantly about, that these women have a chance to make such a major difference."

That sounds like a grand idea to me. Perhaps that SummerSlam match comes to fruition, Paige turns on Charlotte and Sasha, aligns with Nikki, Brie, and Alicia, and in response Charlotte and Sasha recruit Becky and Bayley to join them to usher in a new era in the Divas division.

Maybe they could even get rid of that awful butterfly belt.

Wishful thinking on my part, for sure, but what about the general idea Foley first presented?

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