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Brie Bella: Nikki Bella doesn't care about the length of her Divas title reign

Joern Pollex/Getty Images

In her interview with The Mirror in the UK, Brie Bella responds to a question asking if she believes her sister, Nikki, will break AJ Lee's record for consecutive days as Divas champion:

"I hope so, I really do. But you know what? The one thing I really like about my sister is when I look at her holding this title, she says 'I don't care about the length of the reign, I care about the fight'. She has been the number one champion for putting that title on the line. That's what Nikki cares about and keeps asking, every week she wants to put the title on the line. She wants to fight for it constantly and that's her mentality. I really hope she does but she wants the NXT girls to come up and start fighting for it, she has a different outlook, she wants to change the division. I hope we start seeing that soon. The girls down in NXT are tremendous wrestlers and I hope we see them on the roster soon."

Nikki may not care in reality but she sure has played it up like she does on her social media accounts as she's reached each new milestone. She's now number two on the list and if she makes it to September, around Night of Champions, fittingly enough, she'll break AJ's record.

Not that she cares, apparently.

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