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Paul Heyman not accompanying HIS CLIENT, BROCK LESNAR to WWE Beast in the East

A lot of fans are somewhat bewildered by WWE Network's exclusive show from Tokyo, Japan that will air live this Saturday, July 4 at 5:30AM U.S. Eastern time.

The latest report from stating that Paul Heyman will not be accompanying Brock Lesnar on the trip will probably only confuse folks further.

Chief amongst reasons given for consternation over the Beast in the East card is former WWE champ Lesnar's facing off against Kofi Kingston. While many, including this writer, are intrigued by a fresh match-up between guys with styles that are stiff in different ways, others believe any Brock appearance should merit a bigger name opponent - especially on a televised card being advertised like a pay-per-view (PPV).

A move to pull Heyman, who reports say was originally scheduled to make the trip, make it seem increasingly unlikely that any will occur that would impact Brock's program with current champ Seth Rollins, who isn't making the journey across the Pacific, either.

There's little danger of the show completely disappointing hardcore fans, who are anxiously looking forward to the Kevin Owens vs. Finn Bálor showdown for the NXT championship and house show-style bouts like Lesnar/Kingston, Cesaro against half of Los Matadores and Chris Jericho vs. Neville.

But more mainstream members of WWE Universe may not be as motivated to watch a show that doesn't have a whole lot of continuity with Raw or even Battleground.

Are you pumped for Beast in the East? Does the lack of Heyman, or other high profile match-ups, play into your decision to pull up WWE Network this Saturday for the show?

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