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Nikki & Brie Bella explain how their feud randomly ended: 'Even we were confused'

Joern Pollex/Getty Images

At a recent Wizard World appearance in Sacramento, the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, participated in a fan Q&A session. During that session, they were asked why their feud ended so abruptly and what the story behind that was. Not surprisingly, they were just as confused as the rest of us.

Their answer:

Nikki: "It was funny because it all started, why it started to fizzle was when I had my championship match against AJ at Survivor Series, we were supposed to have like 15 minutes. And CinderBella was ending the next day on Raw. So all of a sudden when AJ and I were in Gorilla they were like 'how can you do this match in 30 seconds?' And I was like 'what?!? Thirty seconds? How do I win a championship in 30 seconds?' And this one (Brie) is like 'well, you know how you made Bryan lose with the kiss of death? Well, I could do that in 30 seconds.' I'm like 'well, she is my CinderBella.' So we did that and then everything got forgotten the next day of where we were supposed to go, like, to go on forward. And I'm like 'hey, is she ever going to get revenge on me? It just ended. We were even confused."

Brie: "So I was like excited because the next day The Authority got put out of office. It was my last day being CinderBella, so I was like 'yes! I can beat up Stephanie, I can beat her (Nikki) up, I can take that (the Divas championship). And they literally looked at me and go 'oh yeah, we're just ending it.' And I was like 'well, it's the last day. What?' They were just like 'walk out with your sister.'"

Nikki: "Just act like you guys like each other again. I'm like 'I told her that I wish she died in the womb, like, we can't forget that. I can't forget it.'"

Brie: "So now we call the new story JobberBella."

The video:

So it would certainly seem we're never getting any resolution on that whole "wish you died in the WOMB" remark.

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