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JTG: I don't believe WWE is racist

RajOMac at Wikimedia Commons

From his interview with

"I'm not gonna say it doesn't exist anymore. I don't believe WWE is racist. Right now they have the tag team champions Kofi Kingston and Big E and Xavier Woods. I wouldn't say that they're [WWE] racist but there's definitely a system in place, that I believe...this is my opinion, that African American, black Superstars, can go so far. That's from what I've see and that's my perception because as of right now to this day I've never seen a black WWE Champion. Not the title from WCW, I'm talking about the WWE Championship. I haven't seen a black face of the company."

This is a touchy subject. At the same time JTG is saying he doesn't believe WWE is racist he's saying there is a system in place that essentially prevents black wrestlers from reaching the top of promotion. At what point do you consider that racism, if he doesn't?

There's also the matter of portrayal. It's not just that black wrestlers aren't winning the WWE world heavyweight title and becoming the face of the company, it's how they are so frequently presented as stereotypical characters. At what point will that change, if it ever will?

And if all this is true, why aren't more speaking out against it?

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