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Cageside Countdown Nomination Thread: Best Rock Moments

In celebration of Dwayne Johnson's 43rd birthday, we're counting down his greatest moments. And you're gonna help.

So if you haven't heard (and chances are you haven't since I wasn't around to do TDIPWH over the weekend with me moving and all), Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson turned 43 over the weekend, and his name carries more weight than most established A-list actors. Part of that is due to his supernova success as in the WWE, which he parlayed into the big screen and now back into the small screen as a producer. He's had many, many, MANY awesome moments both in and out of the ring. People that live twice as long don't have half as many cool moments as he has.

But what is the greatest Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson moment ever?

That's where you come in.

And for this countdown, we're opening it up. Way up. Anything that involves Dwayne in a significant way, whether in the ring or out of the ring, is eligible for the countdown. But rules are still rules and we must have them.

To nominate, write in the subject box Nominate- your Rock moment here. Then in the comment box, a picture or a video of the moment. Sorry, I like visuals, and chances are you do too. Preferably a video link if you can find one so we don't clog the thread with many pictures and GIFs.

For example, to nominate The Rock introducing Lilian Garcia to his "strudel", I would write Nominate - The Rock's Strudel and Lilian Garcia in the subject line, and in the comment box, I would post the link, either directly like so: or hyperlink it like so.

If you see a moment you like, give it a rec by hitting the star under the comment. That's how your countdown is decided: by the number of people that hit that star thing.

Nominations and voting close three days from date and time of post, with the countdown to go up Saturday night. In the words of Arnold to The Rock in The Rundownhave fun.

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