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Chris Jericho announces WWE house show return, but no more Network podcasts planned

Attention WWE fans in towns (and countries) on the company's scehdule for the Summer of 2015: Chris Jericho may be coming to an arena near you!

Y2J's big announcement was what we all expected - he's rejoining WWE from mid-June through August for house show dates around Fozzy concerts, numerous other projects and the Jericho clan's annual road trip to WallyWorld. On the latest episode of his podcast, Talk is Jericho, he also mentions that he's looking forward to working with newer WWE talents. Those names are almost finalized, and will be revealed soon he says.

Here are the 19 dates in the United States and Pacific islands that he'll be working:

  • June 12: Springfield, Illinois
  • June 13: Terre Haute, Indiana
  • June 20: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • June 27: Boston, Massachusetts
  • June 28: Reading, Pennsylvania
  • July 2: Singapore
  • July 3-4: Tokyo, Japan
  • July 10: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • July 11: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • July 31: San Diego, California
  • August 1: Ontario
  • August 2: Fresno, California
  • August 15: Detroit, Michigan
  • August 16: East Lansing, Michigan
  • August 21: Bridgeport Connecticut
  • August 22: White Plains, New York
  • August 29: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • August 30: Tallahassee, Florida

Another interesting tidbit that the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla dropped is that, due to his busy schedule, there are no plans for another Live! with Chris Jericho interview special on WWE Network right now. Whether that means the concept is taking the Summer off, or if one of the legion of current and former WWE talents with an internet show will rotate into the seat Jericho took over from Steve Austin is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Anybody going to make it to a Jericholics meeting at one of these WWE Live shows?

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