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Twitter mailbag: Michelle Beadle, dream stipulation, Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, more!

It's not that slow of a news day but we haven't done a Twitter mailbag post in some time so I decided to jump back in with one to pass the time until Monday Night Raw later on this evening in Montreal. It's quite simple, really. Follow us on Twitter (here), send us questions when prompted, and we'll answer them here. Easy peasy, right?

Let's hit it.

Ryder is a great example of the old axiom that you are what you are. Maybe in another promotion run by another eccentric millionaire he could reach the top but in this Universe, he's going to spin his tires for as long as possible to continue collecting a paycheck while lamenting the state of his career on his increasingly depressing Twitter account.

But yeah, he's popular at house shows.

"TNA" and "big surprise" do not go together, my friend, and they never have.

Such a good question I won't answer it.

Yes, it is.

No, it's not.

No, because they ran the Reigns-Orton feud last year before Roman was injured and put out of action and he was the clear winner in a relatively tame program. I'm not sure what they do with Reigns while waiting to get him to the title. Maybe you're right. Perhaps this is just a transition and he'll work Orton for a few months while they figure out how to get to WrestleMania 32.

I'm not sure there is a stipulation that hasn't been used before, or at least nothing I can think of. That said, I'll go with what I'll call a "Master of Puppets" match. Two wrestlers enter the ring, both wearing earpieces, and two wrestlers stand outside of it with a microphone connected to those earpieces. The wrestlers in the ring are ONLY allowed to do what the wrestlers on the outside tell them.

These are the things I think about when I'm sitting home alone and the power goes out.

I hope so too but I don't really see it right now, based on how WWE has treated him. I think they feel like he can be a top level heel but not necessarily one who holds a title a strong babyface is chasing.

I'll say he drops it at SummerSlam to Brock Lesnar and WWE goes through with putting Reigns over for it at WrestleMania 32 next year. I don't have any inside sources on this one, but I have a feeling they're going to go back to the original plan and execute it now that they feel they have a buffer with everything else that will be going on with that card (Undertaker retirement, Sting, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Ronda Rousey).

Sean and I are the bread.

Nikki Bella.

WWE has trained me well: When I see the words "Sheamus" and "WrestleMania" in the same sentence, I always think "Daniel Bryan."

Right now. Immediately. This is wishful fan thinking on my part with no regard to anything outside of the six inches in front of my face, but WWE needs a shake up. Remember when they would do big summer angles every year to get us from that period between WrestleMania and SummerSlam? Have that be Owens randomly showing up on episodes of Raw to beat the hell out of Seth Rollins before challenging him for the title at a pay-per-view, maybe Money in the Bank. He wouldn't win, of course, but it would set the stage for an immediate main event spot once he was called up for good, and it would be something fresh and interesting.

Realistically, he won't be coming up until sometime in 2016.

Why wouldn't it be?

I hope so. Imagine how amazing he would be if he did?

Can I say WWE's treatment of women in storylines? I would just love it so much if they weren't boxed in to all these stereotypical standards for what and who they are supposed to be. Also, Booker T should never speak while a woman is on camera because he's definitely going to say something dumb.

Nothing, because he just keeps showing up to work no matter what I do. I respect it.

No, but how glorious is it that WWE recognized the problem and actually did something about it? The way this story played out is what they should be pointing to when they break out the party line that "we give the fans what they want." We clearly wanted to boo The New Day and they altered the gimmick to make it really, really fulfilling to do just that. They even played up the chants. It's been perfect.

I was actually thinking about this the other day, like AJ Lee left and you would imagine that Paige would become the focal point because she has literally every attribute you could want in a female wrestler but who is rumored for the biggest pushes? Lana, who has never wrestled, and Eva Marie, who has wrestled very poorly every time she's ever been anywhere near a ring.

Don't get me wrong, they should run as far as they can with the opportunity they'll be presented with. Lana is an outstanding character and Eva is trying her damnedest to improve in the ring. But what's really going to change if the these two represent the top heel and top babyface in the division?

Absolutely respect the decision she's made, though it's a slippery slope with issues like this. I'm not sure how to navigate morality in the sports world. I'm a huge NFL fan and that's a garbage organization that probably shouldn't be supported on the massive scale that it is. Sometimes I feel conflicted, like I should turn the TV off and discontinue purchasing any merchandise bearing the logo.

At the same time, I'm not really watching the NFL because it's full of upstanding citizens who do right by those they love. I watch because it entertains me. Even that isn't really a good enough explanation, even for myself, but I get lost so easily when attempting to navigate this subject.

In pro wrestling, I at least feel like I can almost lie to myself and say that it's the characters I'm watching and not the people. I don't know a damn thing about who any of these people really are, but I connect to the characters they portray on television. That tends to make me feel a little better about it. That way I don't have to feel so slimy knowing Triple H is such a big supporter of Floyd Mayweather.

Even then, I kind of do and it's a vicious cycle and I just don't know. Either way, I'm certainly respectful of the decision Beadle has made for herself and don't believe she deserves the intense scrutiny she's been placed under for having made it.

The referee throws up an "X" sign to the backstage area and the announcers are then informed through an earpiece.

Absolutely. I can't watch a Bryan match without cringing every time he takes a bump and while that's done wonders for the matches themselves, lending an air of actual danger to the proceedings, it's just not worth what it could mean if something goes wrong. Reading his book and how he feels about his career after the death of his father really puts things in perspective.

Thanks for all the questions. Until next time!

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