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WWE Elimination Chamber 2015 results, live streaming match coverage: John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

WWE Elimination Chamber is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., May 31, 2015) from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas at 7:00 p.m. ET, live on the WWE Network. This show is exclusive to the Network and will not be offered via traditional pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Elimination Chamber below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing! (Reminder: GIFs, pics, and links to illegal streams are not allowed in this thread. Offenders will be banned.)



Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins (via DQ, Rollins keeps title)
Kevin Owens def John Cena
Ryback wins the Intercontinental Elimination Chamber
The New Day wins the Tag Team Elimination Chamber
Nikki Bella def. Paige and Naomi
Neville def. Bo Dallas
Stardust def Zack Ryder



BaconStrips here. Don't get eliminated!


Preshow highlights

  • Before the preshow started, it was officially announced that Rusev is out. A "former world champion" will replace him in the Chamber
  • Kane has a phone call that is interrupted by The New Day (sporting new gear), who wants their back scratched for helping The Authority on SmackDown. Kane responds by saying that all three New Day members can participate in the match...this will be fun.
  • WWE has actually done a good job in maintaining NXT continuity with the Neville/Dallas match
  • Lana answers some questions in the Social Media Lounge. She chooses to be free, and she pretty much apologized for the whole anti-American schtick. She also finds Dolph Ziggler funny.
  • Summer Rae introduces The Miz back to WWE (oh yeah, he was gone for a while, and he is back to his delusional Hollywood persona.
  • After replaying Daniel Bryan's surrendering of the IC Title, Miz introduces Bryan to a big ovation.
  • Miz wishes Bryan a speedy recovery, and then starts talking just to hear himself talk. Bryan says that his career is not over, and he WILL be back. Miz then starts badgering Bryan about his Five-Hour Energy ad campaign as well as his clothing. I must say that I've missed self-indulgent Miz
  • Bryan finally tells Miz to shut up, and says that he's in Corpus Christi to present the IC Title to whoever survives the Chamber match.
  • After a physical exchange is teased, Bryan calls MizTV "boring", and has an idea to liven it up: MACHO MANDOW AND AXELMANIA!!! They make short work of Miz.
  • Eden interviews Dean Ambrose, who vows to swing at anyone and everyone. Roman Reigns comes in and says that he'll be in Ambrose's corner during this match. The only thing Ambrose has to worry about is Seth Rollins


Zack Ryder vs Stardust

  • Hey, Lillian Garcia is back
  • Ryder is able to take advantage early with some technical moves and throws Stardust outside and delivers a sliding dropkick.
  • Once back inside, Stardust takes control with a ground kick and a few other moves. A brief bow-and-arrow is locked in, but Ryder reverses this into a pin attempt.
  • After a little longer, Ryder is able to even the odds after reversing a suplex into a neckbreaker. It should be noted that the commentary team is not talking about the match at all.
  • Both men end up outside on the ground after Ryder hits a missile dropkick from the apron. After a pin exchange, Stardust hits a Side Effect, but cannot take advantage.
  • Ryder hits the Broski Boot, but Stardust kicks out at two. He tries for a Rough Ryder, but it is reversed. After an enziguiri attempt, Stardust reverses into Cross Rhodes the Queen's Crossbow for the win.

Stardust def Zack Ryder


WWE Signature and a video hyping the Elimination Chamber


Elimination Chamber for WWE Tag Team Championship

  • Your teams in the pods are the Primetime Players, Los Matadores (with El Torito on top of the pod), The Brass Ring Club, and The New Day.
  • The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension will start this mess off.
  • The Ascension try to go for an early advantage, but are stopped by some creative double-teaming from The Lucha Dragons. It should be noted that Cesaro is doing pull-ups in his pod.
  • Eventually The Ascension is able to overpower The Lucha Dragons with their strength. Kalisto is boosted onto The New day's pod, and they are able to hold him down.
  • Sin Cara gets onto a pod and SWANTON FROM THE POD!!! Kalisto is still stuck on New Day's pod.
  • Next team: The Brass Ring Club
  • The BRC gets busy immediately with some double teaming. Cesaro jumps to the New Day's pod, uppercuts Kalisto, and superplexes him FROM THE POD!!! Kidd follows up with an elbow, and Sin Cara saves Kalisto from the pin. He is tossed outside for his trouble.
  • The BRC turn their attention toward The Ascension. Viktor is able to get some offense on Kidd, who eventually locks in a Sharpshooter which is broken by Konnor.
  • Sin Cara hits La Mistica on Cesaro, and Kalisto is send outside. He starts climbing on the Chamber as insanity ensues in the ring.
  • Next team: Los Matadores
  • Los Matadores and El Torito start cleaning house as Kalisto continues to climb. After double lungblowers are hit, KALISTO DROPS FROM THE TOP OF THE CHAMBER AND TAKES EVERYONE OUT!!!
  • El Torito tries to repeat the feat, but is caught and turned into a bull-missile by The Ascension, who eliminates Los Matadores with The Fall of Man
  • Los Matadores eliminated by The Ascension.
  • In the ring, The Ascension makes quick work of The Lucha Dragons by eliminating Kalisto with The Fall of Man
  • The Lucha Dragons eliminated by The Ascension
  • The Ascension turn their attention to The BRC as the countdown starts again.
  • Next team: The Primetime Players
  • The PTP enter and are greeted by The Ascension. After a short beatdown, The PTP roar back and eliminate The Ascension after Darren Young gut-checks Viktor
  • The Ascension eliminated by The Primetime Players
  • The PTP start working over The BRC now. Kidd is able to hit Young with the fisherman's buster, and Cesaro dropkicks and uppercuts him. A tower of doom ensues when Titus O'Neil powerbombs Cesaro, who gutwrench superplexes Young.
  • Final team: The New Day
  • All three New Day members charge in and start working over everyone. A TRIPLE SUPLEX SPOT HAPPENS AND THAT WAS COOL!
  • The BRC takes advantage of Xavier Woods and locks him back into The New Day's pod to even the numbers.
  • The BRC use the swing/dropkick combo on Kofi Kingston and Kidd covers. However, Young rolls up Cesaro for a pin.
  • The Brass Ring Club eliminated by The Primetime Players
  • After the elimination, The New Day starts working over The PTP and take out O'Neil. They set up Young for the finish, but Young fights out and hurls Big E into the ring post AND pod.
  • Eventually O'Neil frees himself and The PTP start to beat up The New Day a bit. Young hits Kingston with the Gut Check, but Kingston kicks out at two.
  • Outside, Young is suplexed onto the steel grate. Inside, O'Neil tries to fight off the New Day, but he cannot overcome the numbers game. The New Day win after Trouble in Paradise.

The New Day win Tag Team Elimination Chamber


Money in the Bank is in two weeks, and some of the participants will be announced tonight.


Nikki Bella vs Paige vs Naomi (Divas Championship)

  • It should be noted that Brie is not with Nikki, and Tamina is not with Naomi per The Authority
  • Match starts, and Naomi eats an early Bellahammer, leaving Paige and Nikki to fight amongst themselves for a moment until Naomi pulls Nikki out and throws her into the announce table.
  • Back inside, Naomi goes for a crossbody on Paige, but Paige moves and gets a two count. Paige starts to hit her short-arm clotheslines and a fall-away slam on Naomi for two.
  • Nikki gets back in and stars working over Paige. Nikki whips Paige into the corner with Naomi. After a corner clothesline, Nikki hits an Alabamaslam on Paige for two after Naomi breaks the pin.
  • Naomi starts to dominate and throws Nikki out of the ring. She turns her attention to Paige and starts working her over. They eventually end up on the turnbuckle where we see another tower of doom (Nikki powerbombs Naomi while Naomi back-suplexes Paige).
  • Nikki starts to go for the Rack Attack, but Naomi hits the Rear View. The pin is broken by Paige, who tries for the Scorpion Crosslock. This time, Naomi breaks the hold.
  • Paige starts working over Naomi and the two end up on the turnbuckle. Paige starts going for an electric chair, but Naomi reverses into something (bad attempt at a poison frankensteiner). Nikki comes back and hits the Rack Attack for the win.

Nikki def Paige and Naomi


John Cena vs Kevin Owens

  • The bell rings, and the two tie up. A huge "FIGHT OWENS FIGHT" chant starts. After a whip, Owens eats a shoulder block as Cena celebrates.
  • Cena teases another tie up, but Owens kicks Cena and starts using some huge strikes. During this, Jerry Lawler references his match with Kevin Owens.
  • Cena hits a bulldog on Owens, but Owens comes back with another kick to the midsection to return it to his pace. Owens starts bad-mouthing Cena as he controls, eventually taking Cena to Headlock City, BI.
  • Cena powers out of the headlock and goes for an AA, but Owens reverses into a big DDT for two. Owens starts to measure Cena and lands a big boot to the face. As Owens panders, Cena tries to roll him up, but it gets two and Owens strikes some more.
  • A huge senton gets Owens a two count. The two eventually start trading blows with Cena starting his moves of doom, which get reversed into a White Noise for two. He follows with the CANNONBALL FOR TWO!!!
  • Cena makes it to his feet and they start trading blows. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb, but Cena jumps Owens and lands his shoulder blocks and Five Knuckle Shuffle. He starts for the AA, but Owens reverses and hits the pop-up powerbomb for TWO!!!
  • Owens climbs to the top rope, but gets crotched for his trouble. Cena gets on the turnbuckle and an exchange starts with Owens getting the advantage. Owens goes for a double jump moonsault, but Cena dodges and hits the AA....FOR TWO!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!
  • They get to their feet and start trading more blows with Owens winning with a superkick. Owens stands over Cena and starts mocking the Five Knuckle Shuffle. However, Cena plays possum and locks in the STF. Owens fights out and HITS AN AA FOR TWO!!!
  • Cena gets backed into a corner and hits an impressive tornado DDT for two, and this match is too good for words now. Cena hits a top-rope leg drop for two.
  • Owens get back up and teases the Package Piledriver, but turns it into a kind of powerbomb for two...I CAN'T BREATHE!
  • Owens gets Cena back up and tells him to stay down, but Cena won't stay down. He keeps fighting, and the two trade strikes again. Cena hits the springboard stunner, but it only gets two as Cena gets frustrated.
  • Owens charges to Cena, who charges with a huge clothesline or few to knock Owens down.
  • Owens hits a second pop-up powerbomb and PINS CENA CLEAN!!!

Kevin Owens def John Cena


After the match, Owens takes a mic and says that everyone knows who Kevin Owens is.

"I'm the man who started a fight with John Cena, but I'm also the man who FINISHED THAT FIGHT!"

Owens gives Cena veteran advice: "It's time for you to go because your time is up, and my time is now...because THE CHAMP IS HERE!!!!"


Bo Dallas vs Neville

  • Bo enters and cuts a promo on Neville, saying that he's tried to be nice, but it hasn't been worth it.
  • A NXT chant starts as the bell rings. These two start technical with Neville getting the upper hand. It should be noted that Dallas was going for Neville's injured knee.
  • Neville briefly gets the upper hand and goes for an early Red Arrow, but Dallas rolls out of the ring. Despite this, Neville hits a moonsault to the outside.
  • After a chinlock, Dallas starts begging to Neville, saying that he was trying to help him. Neville replies with some kicks until Dallas tosses him outside and starts beating him up and wearing him down with some headlocks and knees.
  • A while later, Neville gets up and throws a running Dallas into the turnbuckle. Neville starts to come back with some stiff strikes and a standing shooting star press for two.
  • Dallas tries to get the win with a DDT, but it only gets two, leaving him in disbelief. He sets up for the Running Bo-dog, but Neville reverses this and kicks Dallas to lala land. The Red Arrow gets the win.

Neville def Bo Dallas


Backstage, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are preparing for the match when Triple H comes in. Trips says that if Roman Reigns gets involved, Ambrose is disqualified.


Elimination Chamber for the Intercontinental Championship

  • In the pods: Mark Henry (Rusev's replacement), Sheamus, R-Truth, Ryback
  • Starting the match: Dolph Ziggler and King Barrett
  • Ziggler and Barrett square off and Ziggler goes for some early pins to no avail. Barrett responds with a knee to the midsection to take control.
  • After a headlock from Barrett, Ziggler fights back with a dropkick and neckbreaker. An elbow gets him two, and Barrett retakes control with a kick to the midsection. The two head outside the ring where Ziggler is thrown into Ryback's pod as well as the chain wall.
  • Next entrant: R-Truth
  • Truth's pod opens and Barrett charges and beats the hell out of Truth before he can even enter the match. Barrett refocuses on Ziggler after taking Truth out.
  • Truth eventually recovers and brings a bit of offense to Barrett, including a scissors kick. This rally is stopped by Winds of Change for a two count. Ziggler tries to roll Barrett up for two.
  • Barrett comes back with Avada Kedavra on Ziggler for two. Ziggler is then shoved into Henry's pod, which breaks. After hesitating, Henry comes out and gets involved.
  • Next entrants: Mark Henry and Ryback
  • Ryback comes in and immediately goes after Henry and the two hoss it up for a bit until Ryback is thrown outside. Henry then watches Ziggler and Barrett go at it until he starts working over Barrett.
  • Barrett is eliminated when he's hit with a superkick, snake eyes, and Lie Detector.
  • King Barrett eliminated by R-Truth
  • When Barrett leaves, Ziggler, Henry, Truth, and Ryback square off until the brawl starts.
  • Final entrant: Sheamus (whose door won't open)
  • Everyone stalls as they struggle with Sheamus' door. Ryback eliminates R-Truth as this goes on.
  • R-Truth eliminated by Ryback
  • As the door trouble continues, Ryback hits Ziggler with a VERY delayed suplex and lines up for the Meat Hook. As he goes for it, Ziggler meets him with a superkick.
  • Wait...NOW Sheamus is in after picking his lock with his cross. He immediately targets Ziggler and throws him into a pod. After this, he goes after Henry and takes some good hits. However, Sheamus rakes Henry's eyes and Brogue Kicks him for the pin.
  • Mark Henry eliminated by Sheamus
  • Sheamus restarts his onslaught toward Ziggler and hits a standing suplex for two. Ziggler tries for a couple of roll-ups, for two. A DDT gets him two as well.
  • Ziggler hits Ryback with another superkick and Sheamus gets a Famouser. However, Sheamus comes back with a Brogue to eliminate Ziggler
  • Dolph Ziggler eliminated by Sheamus
  • Sheamus and Ryback hoss it up for a bit until Sheamus delivers White Noise on the steel floor, but Ryback is barely able to get his shoulder up. Sheamus delivers a rolling senton on the floor, and Ryback responds with a powerbomb into the ring. Shellshock gets Ryback the win(?!)

Ryback wins the Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber

After the match, Bryan presents the IC TItle


It's coming: John Cena vs Kevin Owens II at Money in the Bank.

Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, and Sheamus are announced for the Money in the Bank ladder match.


Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

  • Rollins is accompanied by J&J Security and Kane because of course, and Roman Reigns is banned.
  • The two exchange words before locking up and having a bit of scientific wrestling. Ambrose works Rollins' right arm a bit before he rolls outside.
  • Rollins reenters and briefly engages Ambrose in a test of strength until punching Ambrose and resorting to kicks and punches. Ambrose returns the favor with face scrapes and chops.
  • Ambrose drops the leg on Rollins for two, and Ambrose retains control. He goes for a super back drop and is forced to fight Rollins off. Joey Mercury distracts Ambrose enough for Rollins to crotch him and hang him in the tree of woe. Rollins lands a brutal double stomp on Ambrose's chest.
  • Rollins earns a "Justin Bieber" chant as he works Ambrose over. Ambrose breaks a chinlock and delivered an arm drag, but walks into a STO into the turnbuckle for two.
  • An exchange of blows ensues with Rollins hitting a Sling Blade for two. He follows with a short-arm clothesline and soaks in the boos. More clotheslines ensue as J&J Security applaud Rollins.
  • Ambrose goes for the Rainmaker, but Rollins ducks out of the way and the two collide mid ring. The two get up and Ambrose starts to fight back and goes for a sunset flip, leading to a quick pin exchange. Ambrose soon lands a wheelbarrow facebuster for two.
  • As Ambrose runs at Rollins, who is in a corner, J&J pulls him out of the ring. Ambrose responds by suicide diving Rollins, sending them both over the announce table.
  • Back in the ring, Rollins goes for a backslide by using the ropes, but the referee catches it. As Jamie Noble argues, Ambrose shoves Rollins into him and rolls him up for two. Ambrose tries another rollup which Rollins reverses into Avada Kedavra for two.
  • Rollins starts to go to the top turnbuckle, but is crotched by Ambrose. He lines up for a superplex, but Rollins reverses into a buckle bomb attempt. Ambrose fights out and delivers a Cactus Clothesline, sending both outside. A J&J distraction allows Rollins to buckle bomb Ambrose into the outside barricade.
  • After a two count, Rollins brings more big moves, including a flying knee and the rarely-used Paroxysm for two
  • Ambrose is forced into the corner where he is bad-mouthed by Rollins. More bad-mouthing, and Ambrose slaps Rollins, sending Rollins into a frenzy. Both exchange corner elbows before Ambrose delivers a big tornado DDT for two.
  • Ambrose goes for another leg drop, but Rollins moves out of the way and tries a flying knee. Ambrose dodges and runs into a dropkick. Ambrose then delivers his pendulum clothesline for two.
  • Ambrose delivers his top-rope elbow drop, but even that only gets two as J&J breathe a sigh of relief.
  • Ambrose lines up for Dirty Deeds, but J&J play for a distraction, allowing Rollins to go for another buckle bomb. Ambrose reverses into another big clothesline. J&J and Kane distract again, and Ambrose takes them out.
  • Ambrose goes for the elbow, but changes direction and hits J&J and Kane. A short brawl ensues outside and they make it back in ring, where Rollins pulls the referee in front of a flying Ambrose.
  • Rollins gets Ambrose down and goes for a Phoenix Splash. However, Ambrose moves out of the way and hits Dirty Deeds. Another ref comes down and counts the pin.

Dean Ambrose def Seth Rollins

But wait, there's more. John Cone comes to and tells the replacement ref that he was pulled into Ambrose's path. Therefore, Ambrose did win, but by DQ.

No one like this finish as Ambrose argues. J&J and Kane attack until Roman Reigns comes down and hits Rollins with a Superman Punch out of nowhere. He gets in the ring and spears Kane and Superman Punches J&J

Ambrose take a mic and says that he won this match, so he's taking Rollins' title as his.

Yep. That's how they ended the show.

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