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Michelle Beadle: No longer a WWE fan after Triple H's love of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Michelle Beadle has turned in her WWE fan card because Triple H's love of alleged serial domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather, Jr., is too much for her to take.

Michelle Beadle gives Triple H the thumbs down for his love of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Michelle Beadle gives Triple H the thumbs down for his love of Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

WWE has lost the support of one of their few friends in the sports media, ESPN's Michelle Beadle, over their continued love affair of boxing legend and alleged serial domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who memorably headlined WrestleMania 24 against The Big Show seven years ago.

Over the past year, Beadle has become one of the most outspoken media critics of Mayweather for his history of domestic violence allegations as she became fully aware "of how bad a past this guy has". So outspoken, the Mayweather camp used their influence to initially deny Beadle a press credential for his fight with Manny Pacquiao last night. Although HBO were able to get her press credentials re-approved late on Friday night, by that time she had already gone home and decided not to come back to Las Vegas to cover the fight.

In stark contrast, WWE has continued to milk their Mayweather connection for all it's worth. They produced a documentary called "Floyd Mayweather vs. The Big Show: The Money vs. The Giant" for the WWE Network this week. For their YouTube channel, Dolph Ziggler asked a few of his WWE friends to predict who would win the match between Mayweather and Pacquiao. In the past, Triple H has even been part of Mayweather's entourage for one of his fights and was quick to tweet his praise when Mayweather convincingly won last night:

However, this public show of support by Triple H for an alleged woman beater was the straw that broke the camel's back for Michelle Beadle and she tweeted back to him that she could be a fan of WWE no more:

Triple H has yet to respond, not even thanking Miss Beadle for her opinion on the matter.

Beadle's dressing down of Triple H does raise an important point. Should a company that so publicly champions their Be a STAR anti-bullying initiative, professes to be in favour of gender equality and has a zero tolerance policy for matters involving domestic violence, be pushing their connection with Mayweather so strong? That they do suggests that they are more enamoured with celebrity than genuinely making a principled stand against domestic abuse. What's your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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