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The Road to the WWE Tournament of Bad - Week 3

It's too bad boxing isn't covered in the WWE Tournament of Bad, because last night's fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao featured so many potential nominees. Run-DMC/Justin Bieber-cosplaying Jimmy Kimmel! Jamie Foxx singing the National Anthem! The Burger King! What a glorious night of awful.

But the week in WWE hasn't disappointed either. Green wrestlers punching the mat in developmental! A last man standing match ending with, you guessed it, a wrestler buried underneath something! A high-ranking executive extending his congratulations to a boxer notorious for domestic violence!

Enter your nominations in the comments below.

Don't know what's going on here? Check out the introduction post.

Your 2015 WWE Tournament of Bad nominees (new nominees in bold):

1. Authority characters
2. The CM Punk fiasco
3. Intercontinental hot potato
4. HHH Terminator entrance
5. Mr. T's Hall of Fame speech
6. Philanthropy as marketing
7. Brass rings
8. The New Day
9. Royal Rumble winners
10. "I wish you died in the womb."
11. Vince McMahon
12. Raw celebrity hosts
13. Alex Riley's rage
14. Two-minute women's matches
15. Cameron's "pin"
16. "WHAT?!" chants
17. Wyatt family breakup
18. Culture of racism
19. "CM Punk" chants
20. Cena vs. Orton
21. The Megan Miller story
22. Twenty-minute promo openers
23. Kane and Big Show main eventing Raw
24. Rusev's "Russian" lawyer
25. Single-named WWE superstars
26. Cesaro as Paul Heyman Guy
27. Handling NXT callups
28. "WWE Universe"
29. WrestleMania concerts
30. Daniel Bryan's furry boots
31. Three-hour Raw
32. Bill DeMott
33. Roman Reigns promos
34. Stairs match
35. The Diva Search
36. Jerry Lawler ogling Paige
37. The Ascension
38. Dean Ambrose monitor explosion
39. Sheamus's hairstyle
40. WWE Title tug of war
41. "Divas"
42. Commentary ignoring matches
43. Sufferin' succotash
44. Dean Ambrose rebound clotheslines
45. "You suck (significant other)" chants
46. Hulk Hogan's Superdome
47. Anonymous general manager
48. The Bunny
49. HHH vs. Sting
50. "Kiss my arse" match
51. Slater-Gator
52. Feuds without payoffs
53. "I'm the new face of fear!"
54. Daniel Bryan injuries
55. Cena fears child
56. Curb stomp banned
57. Susan G. Komen Foundation
58. Charlotte's Takeover promotion on Raw
59. Reigns vs. Big Show
60. Slut shaming Lana
61. The Authority returns!
62. Bryan Saxton, lead Raw commentator
63. The Real Americans turn babyface
64. Shows without Brock Lesnar
65. Alex Riley's AJ Lee tweet
66. T-shirts with stuff on the back
67. WWE Raw's theme song

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