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Neville wants a match with healthy Daniel Bryan

WWE, in so many ways, is all about getting an opportunity -- no small task, nothing guaranteed -- and making the most of it. Jim Ross likes to refer to it as "maximizing your minutes." When asked in an interview with Sky Sports what his ambitions are in WWE, Neville stuck with that line of thinking:

"I want to keep seizing my opportunities. I still feel like I am in my introductory period in terms of making my name in WWE so want to keep my head down and work hard."

That's all well and good but it's a bit bland. Spice it up a bit?

"I would also love to have a match with Daniel Bryan. I don't know exactly what his health is like but if and when he does return it would be great to get in the ring with him."

That's better.

Neville has already earned high marks in his short time on the main roster. Stone Cold Steve Austin, one of the highest drawing champions in the history of the industry, recently called Neville the best in-ring worker in the entire company. If he can match promos and great character work with what he's doing between the ropes, the sky is the limit for the former NXT champ.

A five-star match with a healthy Bryan wouldn't hurt either. We can only hope it happens someday.

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