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Samoa Joe hopes to be called up to main WWE roster after NXT run

With news breaking today that WWE is calling current NXT Heavyweight Champion Kevin Owens up to the main roster while gradually moving him away from the developmental promotion, it's worth wondering what the future holds for the man who just arrived in NXT to strike up a feud with him, Samoa Joe.

The "Submission Specialist" tells, he would love to accomplish the same goal:

"At some time, I would love to make a trip up to the main roster and wreak my brand of havoc. So many people I've come up with have succeeded in WWE. Though I thought the opportunity would never present itself, I'm here now. I'm in the best shape of my career and I'm more than happy to fulfill the destiny that has eluded me for far too long, and that's to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion."

Recently, Joe has played coy on what the future holds for him, in NXT and otherwise. The deal he signed with WWE is unique in that it allows him to take outside dates with other companies while working in NXT. He's scheduled to return to Ring of Honor next month and ROH COO Joe Koff has said he's counting on Joe appearing on the promotion's new show on Destination America.

The Wrestling Observer has reported that while Joe has a limited number of dates locked in with NXT, it's likely he's keeping his options open in the long term in the event he can work out a deal for something bigger in WWE.

If he's anywhere near as successful as Owens has been in his brief stint in NXT, that may be exactly what happens.

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