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'The Future' on the future of WWE: Seth Rollins talks Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens & more has been asking us to tell them who "the Future of WWE" is. They didn't ask the guy who currently lists that title as one of his nicknames, however. did, though, and Seth Rollins has opinions that differ slightly from the results of the poll in which he currently ranks fourth.

In talking about Sunday's Elimination Chamber event, the first exclusive to WWE Network pay-per-view (PPV)-like show, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion expressed excitment for both who is on the card and how it's being delivered:

You've got Kevin Owens making his debut against John Cena, which is something a lot of us as wrestling fans never thought we'd see in our entire lives.

Then you've got myself and Dean Ambrose, which realistically is the future of WWE right there before your very eyes.

It's a pretty interesting time all around for the in-ring stuff, and it's a bright new future with the way our content is going to be presented moving forward with the Network special.

It's absolutely the future, not just of our product, but all entertainment.

Though he name drops the man he faces for the title on Sunday and the current NXT champ (a belt Rollins was the first person to hold), he doesn't see either as a threat to his place a top the company right now:

Ambrose is a confident performer, like you said he got a couple of wins under his belt against me, but when the chips are down, always bet on Rollins when it comes to Rollins versus Ambrose.

I've known Kevin for years and years and years. He's an excellent talent. There's a reason The Authority sees big things in him, there's a reason the WWE Universe sees big things in him.

But Kevin Owens is Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. So I'm not terribly concerned at this point in time. I think I earn my keep quite well.

Maybe down the line we'll have to consider other options, but that's definitely not the case right now.

Don't tell him that he trails Ambrose and KO in the poll, or that all three of them are well behind Roman Reigns, a player Seth doesn't really discuss beyond saying that he can't see him joining The Authority.

Well, that's not entirely true, since he does again give The Big Dog credit for putting him over (in a kayfabe-y way), "he's got a vendetta against myself - maybe for good reason - I've taken a lot from him over the past year." Rollins says that he's equally opening to a WrestleMania main event against either Brock Lesnar or Triple Threating with his former Shield co-stars.

And while his eyes may already be on next Spring in Texas, he is excited that his alma mater Ring of Honor is making moves on the national cable scene. In fact, he shares a sentiment that many of us have expressed over the past week:

Great for Ring of Honor. It's tremendous any time our wrestling industry continues to grow. That's awesome for them.

They were a breeding ground for a lot of talent that now exists [in the WWE]: Kevin Owens, myself, Sami Zayn, obviously Daniel Bryan, Cesaro.

They have proven to be a valuable asset when it comes to cultivating great talent as far as moving guys up to the bigger ranks.

It's great - I'm super thrilled for them and I hope they can sustain and hopefully we see more talent coming out of there and into NXT and eventually into WWE. It's a good time to be a wrestling fan, that's for sure.

Check out the whole interview at Digital Spy for his thoughts on Samoa Joe, using the Pedigree as his finisher and more.

Does Rollins change your mind, or make you feel better about, your vote for "future of WWE"?

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