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Stardust vs. Green Arrow? WWE might be building to a program for Arrow's Stephen Amell

No word if Cody Rhodes' wife (and Stardust's mistress) Eden would factor into a potential feud
No word if Cody Rhodes' wife (and Stardust's mistress) Eden would factor into a potential feud
Eden on Twitter

This past Monday night, Raw had several official guest stars, and the Entourage actors found their way into several scenes and even a one-night angle with Zack Ryder that landed them in the ring.

But it may be that another famous face who had a seat at Nassau Coliseum will end up in the ring doing more than just raising a Superstar's hand.

Arrow star Stephen Amell is a pro wrestling fan who's expressed a desire to host Raw in the past. When he and Stardust got in each other's faces prior to The Strange One's match on Monday, it looked like more than a coincidence. Reports from the show indicated that Amell left shortly after the confrontation, and then both men built up their brief interaction after the show:

The latest Wrestling Observer confirms that some planning went in to the moment, and that WWE hopes it wasn't just a one-off appearance for Oliver Queen. The company is hoping that this kicks off an angle between the two - possibly to culminate at SummerSlam. Despite no longer being in Los Angeles, that pay-per-view (PPV) is often promoted as a mini-WrestleMania, so officials would probably welcome the additional star power (pun semi-intended).

Whether they plan to build the Stardust character up in advance of the feud or just continue to job him out to everyone en route to staring at the lights for an actor is another question.

Do you like this potential superhero crossover, Cagesiders?

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