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Seth Rollins confirms Curb Stomp finisher is out, Pedigree is in ... for now

When word first started making the rounds that WWE had banned the Curb Stomp, it was just your typical rumor floating around the pro wrestling water cooler. Then, respectable outlets outright reported on as much. Then, Seth Rollins stopped doing it on television and started using Triple H's finisher, the Pedigree.

And while WWE never outright confirmed it, they never denied it either.

Now, Rollins, during a Q&A session at Wizard World St. Louis, has confirmed that the Curb Stomp is officially out and the Pedigree is officially in:

"Yes (WrestleMania 31 was the last time you'll ever see a Curb Stomp). Yeah, it's gone. Sorry. But, hey, never say never, you never know. But for now, for an extended period of time, the Pedigree will be the finisher moving forward."

It's been rumored that the WWE legal team was responsible for the Curb Stomp going away, likely due to various lawsuits related to head injuries the company is currently dealing with. That means it could make a return once the heat dies down, or at least for a super special occasion, much like Randy Orton's patented punt.

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