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Ric Flair wants to be a manager on WWE television

Jason Smith/Getty Images

Ric Flair has his own crazy ideas on why WWE doesn't want him wrestling for the company anymore but what about a managerial role? He's still a great promo, after all, and putting a veteran like "The Nature Boy" with an up-and-comer seems like a natural fit.

He was asked about this very subject in a chat with Tom Feaheny recently and had this to say:

"I would love that! I have been waiting on that for two years, but I don't anticipate that happening now. If it hasn't happened yet... And I understand that. They have so many young guys and people they want to get established, so I have no problem with that either. I would like that but I don't think that's going to happen either."

He's said before that he doesn't believe it would make sense to pair him with his daughter, Charlotte, whenever she's called up to the main roster -- he would be more hindrance than help -- but that doesn't mean there isn't another superstar on the roster he couldn't help get over.

The question is who that wrestler would be.

Your thoughts?

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