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Kurt Angle still unsure why WWE didn't want him back

When Kurt Angle's contract with TNA was coming up last year, he made it clear he was keen on the possibility of returning to the promotion that made him a star in pro wrestling, WWE. He was so into the idea that he reportedly went over Triple H's head and called Vince McMahon about getting back into the company.

That turned out to be a dead end and led to rumors that Triple H was angry Angle would try such a move.

In an interview with The Mirror, the Angle talked about if an issue with the WWE COO is what's keeping him from making a return:

"I don't think that Triple H and I have any problems with each other, I've always liked him. He's always treated me with respect and I've always treated him the same. No, I don't think it was that. There was a point when my manager talked to them and I believe they did say 'he would have to wrestle full-time'. That is not an option for me, not at this point in my career. So, whether that was part of it, honestly I just don't think they had that much interest in signing Kurt Angle at that point. For whatever reason, it could have been my mishaps in my past, it could have been that they didn't think I was healthy enough to go - and obviously I am - but we never got a full answer of why they couldn't give me what I wanted. And it wasn't just what I wanted, it was a reduced schedule, but there was no option."

It's been reported by the Wrestling Observer that the main issue WWE has with Angle returning is they don't feel strongly enough about his health and well being to risk a catastrophe while he's employed by the company. Essentially, they don't want an Olympic hero dying on their watch.

Despite all that, even after re-signing with TNA Angle again made clear that he's still considering a future with WWE, be that as a coach or trainer or some other role other than full time wrestler.

Perhaps one day, yeah?

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