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Samoa Joe plays coy on status with NXT, 'unique relationship' with WWE

Samoa Joe was a guest on the This is Awesome Wrestling Show recently and, naturally, his status with WWE and NXT came up in the discussion. He wouldn't go into many details but did say he's looking forward to being a part of one of the hottest young promotions in the industry today:

"I have a very unique relationship with NXT and the WWE at this point. It's one that's kind of unprecedented. It's a first time type of deal and I'll leave it at that. I think the ending was part of the fun, and you'll never know where I turn up next, I'll put it that way. ... As far as me and NXT, I'm really very much looking forward to the future and my relationship with the company. It's the hottest brand in wrestling right now; it is. It's not something that I often... I don't often toot the horn of a company but if you look around they've got the world talking, they've got the world on fire. They're selling out their shows and people are tuning in. It's really awesome. I've been fortunate enough in my career to be on the ground floor in several different companies as they've caught fire and as they've built and as they've become something greater than they were when they started. To get that opportunity once again is over the moon for me and I'm very much looking forward to it."

It's been rumored and reported that his deal with WWE is essentially that of an independent contractor, which is to say he'll do plenty of work in NXT -- he worked the TV tapings for the next month of shows this past week -- while also remaining free to take bookings on the indie circuit.

When asked about the possibility of a main roster WWE call up, Joe played coy:

"I'll put it like this: There is (sic) great things to come. Like I said, I've worked out a very, very unique position for myself within the wrestling industry and within NXT and WWE. I feel at this point in time to really even allude to where things might be going would be cheating the fans of a genuine experience when it does occur. So I'll leave it at that."


Either way, the future looks bright for Samoa Joe.

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