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Trimming the fat: 15 wrestlers WWE should consider releasing

As the saying goes; "out with the old, in with the new". Here are 15 WWE superstars that could be let go without hurting the product.

When NXT call-ups occur, WWE needs to make room on the main roster. Here's a group of individuals that are prime candidates for being future endeavored.


#1 - The Ascension – These guys had no chance -- "ride the lightning!" -- are you kidding me? Forget the fact they were this horrible mix of Demolition and The Legion of Doom, they just don’t have the pipes or the wrestling ability to hang in the WWE. They were in development for seemingly forever, and when they get called up, proclaim they are greater than Legion of Doom! Eventually, these two got punked out by the APA, New Age Outlaws, and The Outsiders in delicious fashion, and haven’t recovered since.

#2 - Alex Riley – He’s on the shelf at the moment, so this could be just piling on, but Riley needs to go. His career high is being The Miz’s second best side-kick. I’ll let you mull that over for a minute. Ever since then it’s been a downhill slide to becoming a jobber on the main roster. He turned to NXT as a color commentator, but didn’t fare much better in that role. Thanks to Kevin Owens, he jumped back into the ring, got destroyed, lost a Twitter war against the NXT champ, and is back on the shelf. With a generic look and average everything else, there’s no reason to keep him around.

#3 - Big Show – The problem with Big Show is he’s on TV way too much. If he just showed up once in awhile, had some mid-card matches, it would be no problem. Unfortunately, he’s always hovering around the main-event storyline, without much contribution. Yes, his match with Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules wasn’t awful, but that’s literally the best thing he’s done in years. With such a talented roster, it’s time to show off some new faces.

#4 - Cameron – Does this really need much explaining? She doesn’t even know how to properly pin her opponent. She’s awful on the microphone and in the ring. With the talent lurking in NXT, she’s very low on the totem pole.

#5 - Curtis Axel – I can’t recall someone getting so much help in the beginning of their career and still not being able to get over. He beat Triple H, won the Intercontinental Title, and worked with Paul Heyman; none of it helped. Now he’s copying Hulk Hogan, and is made to just look like a fool. Axel is a great worker in the ring, but everything outside of that is just awful.

#6 - Erick Rowan – This could change given the reunion with Luke Harper. When the Wyatt Family broke up, that was it for Rowan. His average skills in the ring and inability to cut a long promo could be hidden behind Bray and Luke, but not anymore. Creative will never have anything for him that is plain to see, even behind a sheep mask.

#7 - Kane – Yet another relic that gets entirely way too much time every Monday night. Yes, he has his moments from time to time, but I would much prefer to see him treated like Brock Lesnar. If a masked Kane was unleashed once or twice a year, he would become so much more intriguing. Kane has "veteran road agent" written all over him, so let’s get him to that spot, WWE.

#8 - Jack Swagger – How is he still employed? Legal issues from a few years back aside; he’s one of, if not the most dangerous WWE wrestler in the ring. Don’t believe me? Just ask Bad News Barrett and Dolph Ziggler about his wrestling abilities. WWE pushed him to the moon early on with multiple title runs, and crowds never latched on. Since breaking away from Cesaro, his only job right now, is simply job to Rusev.

#9 - JBL – Why would I want JBL gone? MAYBE IT’S BECAUSE HE YELLS LIKE AN IDIOT ENTIRELY TOO OFTEN. It becomes pretty annoying, right? I mean, it’s one thing to be excited about calling a match, but he just yells nonsensical phrases all the time. He has a wealth of wrestling knowledge, and I wish he would use it more often.

#10 - Jerry Lawler – Ever so slowly Lawler is actually being phased out. At the beginning of 2015, he was moved off Raw and over to SmackDown. He also currently does pay-per-views. WWE is – almost to a fault – loyal to "The King", as he’s been irrelevant for years. Lucky for him, there hasn’t been much talent to push him away, but that looks to be changing. He’s a big reason why I started watching Raw on mute, and am thankful he’s gone.

#11 - Layla – I’m a big fan of Layla, but at 37, post-knee surgery, she just doesn’t quite have it anymore. Her last feud was teaming up with Summer Rae to get back at Fandango. Yeah, remember that classic? Otherwise, she’s been on and off TV, and just doesn’t match-up to the new talent.

#12 - Los Matadores – They can dress Primo and Epico up all they want, but these guys are still boring. Solid workers in the ring, but there’s just no connection. When a tiny bull sidekick is outshining you, there’s definitely a problem. Lucky for them, the tag division isn’t exactly crowded, so they have a spot for now.

#13 - Mark Henry – From what I gather he’s a great locker room presence, and all-around good guy. Unfortunately, he gets injured about every other match these days. It’s tough to get connected to a wrestler if they aren’t around consistently. If WWE is hell-bent on keeping him around, at least make the guy a heel again -- his face work is just not nearly as good.

#14 - Rosa Mendes – Why? Why is she still around? Can she talk? No. Can she wrestle? Not really. Well, she can dance, right? I can dance better than Rosa. Okay, but she’s on "Total Divas"? Nope, she’s not on anymore. Fandango broke things off with her, so there’s literally nothing going for Rosa right now.

#15 - Zack Ryder – Don’t get me wrong, I like Zack Ryder. The guy worked his butt off to make something of his gimmick, and climbed pretty high up the ladder in the process. Right now, he’s not being used at all, aside from being fodder for someone else. He could easily take his act on the road and do nicely in the indies. He’s got talent, and his prime years shouldn’t be wasted sitting at catering with Heath Slater.


Did I miss any names or do you disagree with any on the list? Hit up the comments!

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