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Video: Paige insinuates Tamina Snuka is a man in awful SmackDown promo

This is bad.

Last night's episode of SmackDown featured Paige, fresh off her return this past Monday night on Raw, cutting a promo on Naomi, who took her out of action a while back, and Naomi's new bodyguard, Tamina Snuka. After showing video of the attack Naomi carried out on Paige that put her out, here's what the Anti-Diva had to say:

"Ladies and gentlemen, that's when Naomi finally became relevant. You're welcome, pumpkin. But Naomi I actually have this weird admiration for you because you know what? You took what you wanted. And I get it, I've done it countless times. And along the way, you found yourself a little boyfriend, Tamina. Tamina, Tamina, Tamina. I have a question though, Tamina: Aren't you competing in the wrong division?"

Let me just stop right there, though she has more to say beyond that and you can hear it by watching the video embedded above.

I don't know if Paige was scripted to say that or not, but SmackDown is a taped show, they edited it, and the decision was made to leave that in. I'm utterly baffled by that. You can literally hear the audience groan after she says it, a collective disbelief that she actually went there and wait, aren't we supposed to cheer this person?

And that's my main issue with this: Paige is working babyface. She's not the heel using biting insults to get heat to make it that much sweeter when she gets her comeuppance; we're supposed to support her in her feud with Naomi and Tamina.

There's no way to support comments like that. Even having the heel delivering lines like that would be pushing the boundaries for some, but at least you wouldn't be in a position where the story dictates you're supposed to cheer for that person and booing them and hating them for it is righteous.

Later, this happened:

This is just awful all around.

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