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Pass or Play: Which TNA stars could make it in WWE?

By now, we've all heard the rumors about TNA being canceled by Destination America (and if you haven't, you can read about it right here).  While things can change and nothing is written in stone, that's not going to stop us from speculating what could happen if TNA does go out of business.

If TNA folds, they leave a pretty sizable roster of wrestler's looking for work.  That fuels speculation on whether or not any will end up in WWE.  Let's take a look at some of TNA's top talent and determine if WWE should take a "Pass" on them or make a "Play" for them.


The Men

Abyss: I'm sorry but WWE already has one big monster who is taking up enough time as it is.  Pass

Ken Anderson: Given Ken Anderson's exit years ago after supposedly he worked too dangerous and Randy Orton complained, I don't see this happening at all.  And I'm not upset about it.  Pass

Kurt Angle: Before Angle re-signed with TNA, he called WWE and found no interest.  However, there's nostalgia money in Kurt Angle.  A program with Rusev down the road would work.  So could a feud with Cena for that US Title.  Then again, this is all if he passes WWE's physical.  If he can, Play

Austin Aries: Even though he is in his late 30s, I think WWE could find use for Aries.   His fast, high octane in ring work is extremely entertaining, and he could do some excellent with WWE's upper midcard.  Perhaps he could even hold the intercontinental title for a little bit.  Plus, if they really want a Balor Club with a bunch of past indie guys, I think Aries would make a great fit.  Play

Bram: So this probably won't happen since he was released from WWE for assaulting a police officer.  But let's pretend for a moment WWE would look past that.  (They won't.)  Bram has an excellent look, is under 30 still, and has a silent charisma.  His work in TNA has as an unhinged brawler has won him a ton of fans.  Imagine the brawls he could have with Sheamus or Barrett.  Hell, I'd enjoy Baron Corbin vs Bram.  Plus he could be reunited with his wife Charlotte.  Play

Ethan Carter III: While EC3 worked in WWE already as Derrick Bateman, it was in TNA he got a true chance to show his personality.  The brash, arrogant, wealthy EC3 is one of the top heels in wrestling now.  As long as there aren't any hard feelings with his outspoken attitude against former trainer Bill DeMott, WWE would be foolish not to pick EC3 back up.  Whether it's in a tag team with his buddy Johnny "Fandango" Curtis or solo, WWE should definitely make a play.  Play

Drew Galloway: I always thought WWE was foolish to book Drew as a jobber and then release him.  He's shown in his time in TNA that he can put on entertaining matches and cut a decent promo.  Plus he's got an excellent look.  While I doubt they'd rehire someone so soon after firing him, I think WWE should give him another show.  (Of course, he'd have to want to give up all of his indie titles first.)  Play

The Hardy Brothers: WWE keeps trying to claim their tag division is getting stronger.  Signing the Hardy's for a reunion run would be a great way to prove it.  Too bad CM Punk isn't around any more for he and Jeff to finish off their feud from years back.  Play

Bobby Lashley: Lashley is one of those rare multi-sport athletes that makes him seem special.  He's a legit MMA guy as well as a pro-wrestler.  If he's willing to give up the former, he'd do well back in the WWE.  They'd need to get him a mouth piece, but he's got the look and in ring ability.  Build up his MMA background and they may be able to make a Lesnar/Lashley program work.  Play

Magnus: I can't see Magnus making it in WWE.  He still lacks in the charisma department and his in ring work is not stellar enough to make up for it.  Pass

Bobby Roode: Even though he is pushing 40, Roode is still one of TNA's best workers.  WWE could get some use out of him.  His value may be more at the NXT level as a trainer and intermittent talent instead of trying to fit him into WWE busy main roster.  Play

James Storm: Unless he and Roode were a Beer Money packaged deal, I don't see much use for Storm in the WWE.  While he's a good talent, he doesn't bring anything to the table in ring or on the microphone that WWE doesn't already have on hand, and likely younger.  Pass

The Wolves: This is one of those where I'm going to lean too much on the "insider knowledge" and say since that we already know that WWE and Davie Richards didn't seem to mix, this won't happen.  They're style fits better on the indies anyway.  Pass

Eric Young: Eric Young has amassed his fans during 10 years in TNA.  Without years for WWE fans to become attached and get behind him, I don't see him getting over.  Plus some of hiis best work in TNA was as a partial comedy act.  WWE doesn't need that.  Pass


The Women:

Awesome Kong: Kong already had a run in WWE as Kharma that was unfortunately cut short.  She has an outstanding feud with the Bellas and I'm sure WWE will have no problem turning the twins back heel without reason.  WWE Divas division could use a dominant heel.  Play

Angelina Love: While Angelina is a good worker, I don't see her bringing anything to the WWE that the WWE can't get by calling up their NXT women or featuring one of their many used roster talents.  Pass

Gail Kim: WWE wasted Gail's original run.  But now with NXT pushing women's wrestling, there's a spot for her.  Gail vs any of the top women in NXT has me a bit giddy.  Play

Mickie James: Rumor was that Mickie was close to re-signing with WWE before she become pregnant.  WWE could use her as an NXT trainer and when she's ready to get back in the ring, give her a main stage nostalgia run.  Play

Taryn Terrell:  I'm torn on this one.  On one hand, she's had some really good matches on TNA.  On the other hand, she's still only average on the microphone.  Plus she already has been released once from WWE after an incident with then husband Drew Galloway.  But the biggest point is like the rest I've passed on - what does she bring that promoting Charlotte, Sasha, or Becky doesn't?  Not much.  Pass

Velvet Skye: Much like Angelina, Velvet is good, but won't bring anything to WWE that they don't already have.  WWE barely uses the roster they do have.  Why add to it?  Pass


Now I'm going to throw this up to you, Cagesiders.  Who do you think WWE should try to grab if TNA's roster does become available?  There are some names I left of the list that you can feel free to speculate about as well.  Sound off below!

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