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Linda McMahon preparing to launch new business venture

Once again trying to prove that she can be a success outside of the WWE-fold, Linda McMahon is preparing to launch a new business project called McMahon Ventures that will help empower more women to pursue leadership roles and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Vince and Linda McMahon: Before she spent $100 million of their fortune on a political gamble.
Vince and Linda McMahon: Before she spent $100 million of their fortune on a political gamble.
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

It's now two and half years since one of the most humbling nights in the history of the McMahon family when matriarch Linda had to publicly concede defeat to Democrat Chris Murphy in her second Connecticut U.S Senate election, which she lost by a whopping 12 percentage points, just like her first attempt in 2010 to Richard Blumenthal, despite spending a combined $100 million of her fortune in her attempts to win political office.

Since that time, she's kept a relatively low public profile, but has managed to rehabilitate her battered image, both within the local Republican party itself by being a political donor to federal candidates, party committees and super PACs that share her views, and with the public more generally through the charitable efforts of the Vince and Linda McMahon Foundationlike a $500,000 gift to open a new centre for families in recovery in Norwalk, CT. She's also promoted gender equality through her "Women Can Have It All" interview series at Sacred Heart University.

However, Linda McMahon's public profile may soon be heightened, as she's preparing to launch a new business venture, which she first teased via her official Facebook page on Mar. 12th:

"Fun photo shoot today laying groundwork for a project I'll be launching in the coming months -- hoping it will help empower more women pursuing leadership roles and entrepreneurship opportunities. More details to come -- stay tuned!"

This became a news story in the Connecticut media earlier this week when Linda McMahon "stood up" The Day's David Collins for a planned interview that her own PR staff had arranged "for Wednesday at the Stamford offices of something called McMahon Ventures". Well, Linda didn't actually stand Collins up, but cancelled the afternoon beforehand because she got cold feet about promoting her new business venture before all the i's were dotted and the t's were crossed:

"She is working on a project she isn't quite ready to unveil and feels she would give a 'meatier' interview at a later date when she has more she can say."

As David Bixenspan wisely speculated, this sounds like Linda may be opening up a venture capital firm for funding businesses owned and run by women.

So what to make of this news? Firstly, it's the clearest sign yet that Linda McMahon has closed the door on her political career and doesn't plan to run for office ever again. Secondly, although this project will bare the McMahon name, it's clearly Linda's baby and Vince doesn't seem to be involved whatsoever, so it's a second opportunity for her to prove herself a success outside of the WWE-fold. Finally, the fact that Vince is uninvolved, likely speaks volumes for the state of his relationship with wife Linda after she failed so miserably as a politician. Genuinely loving and supportive husbands don't hide in the background, fail to clap, sigh and roll their eyes whilst being thanked publicly for all their help during a tough election campaign.

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