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Kevin Owens is why I watch wrestling


As early as just yesterday, fans of this here site were leaving comments asking why I even bother with professional wrestling. After all, if I thought Payback was only a "C+" show, I'm too negative for my own good, and maybe too negative for the good of our dear readers.

And you know what? It's not unfair to ask that question I hear every time I complain about WWE: "Why do you even watch wrestling?"

Today, I'll answer.

Kevin Owens is why I watch wrestling.

WWE makes a lot of really dumb, indefensible decisions. They do things that baffle me so much, my brain literally hurts. I find myself pinching the bridge of my nose to keep my eyes from crossing far too often while watching Monday Night Raw.

But sometimes they get it right, and when they do it's glorious.

This happened on Raw last night:

And this is how I reacted to it all (yes, this is a somewhat cheap plug for our Twitter, go follow us) in real time:

So if you ever find yourself disagreeing with a grade you see for a show and wondering why I even bother, this is your answer.

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