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GIF: Lana can get out of the ring just fine on her own Dolph Ziggler, but thanks

After Lana made Dolph Ziggler's night (life?) by planting a couple of kisses on him following his match on Monday Night Raw this week, the Zig man was all too eager to please. He put Rusev down with his finish right when it appeared the Bulgarian Brute was going to rush his former manager, and then he attempted to hold the ropes open for Lana upon her exit.

Keyword: attempted.

Watch (GIF via

Sorry, Dolph, but Lana can get out of the ring just fine on her own, thank you very much.

For those wondering if these two are going to become a couple on screen, they're already taking selfies together while WWE proclaims them as such:

A photo posted by WWE (@wwe) on

You like?

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