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Chris Jericho believes Daniel Bryan's injury is 'worse than you think'

WWE on YouTube

It's only been a week since Daniel Bryan showed up on Raw to make a few cryptic comments about his health status and relinquish his Intercontinental championshipWWE has stayed completely silent on the status of their twice-stripped titleholder, and that hasn't helped silence chatter and speculation about what exactly is wrong with The Beard and what his future holds.

Stepping into that discussion is Chris Jericho. As a guest on Busted Open on Sirius XM, Y2J is careful to say that he has no inside information, so he's just offering his opinion based on his year's inside the business...but his read on the situation isn't good:

When you have to give up two major titles basically within a year of each other, especially with the way we think as wrestlers. If you're hurt, you go out there and the show goes on, no matter what. Daniel is like that, I mean he worked with a detached retina. If he is being told to stay home, it's worse than you think in my opinion. Because I know me, if someone told me to stay home, I would be like "F that, I'm coming back."

If he is vacating the title, this is not a month injury. This is something deeper and more serious than that. I have heard nothing or know nothing. I just know how we think as performers in the business, and the last thing we want to do is vacate a title again.

As far as what's next? Jericho doesn't know that either, but count him among the many who see parallels between DB's situation and a man who trained him:

I don't know what he does. Does he go away like Shawn Michaels did for a couple of years? Now with the Network, there is a lot of ways to still be involved. He can still do a show, or still be involved with Tough Enough, or do commentary, because it seems like he is not ready to come back. Something is wrong and I hope that he can go away for maybe a year or two like Shawn Michaels did and maybe that will heal him.

Check out the whole interview (transcription via Wrestling, Inc) for more, including how Billy Corgan joining TNA has piqued Y2J's interest in that company for the first time in a long time.

Thoughts on Jericho's thoughts , Cagesiders?

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