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Batista shoots on WWE for failing to push Titus O'Neil

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Titus O'Neil was recently named "Celebrity Dad of the Year" for 2015, a fact WWE was quick to tout, as they should. Batista, being his friend and feeling as though he can speak up where Titus cannot, took to his Twitter today to shoot on WWE for it.

His tweet:

The full message:

WWE: "@TitusONeilWWE you're everything a WWE star should be! Get out there and represent our company!! " Titus: "Then why don't you give me a push?' WWE: "Sorry there's nothing for you creatively" #sameoldbullshit

Of late, O'Neil has been reunited with Prime Time Players tag team partner Darren Young and they've spent weeks doing pre-tapes making fun of the tag team division, both past and present. They may or may not be in line for a title shot at the upcoming Elimination Chamber event.

Either way, Batista isn't satisfied. Does he have a point?

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